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people will stop playing this game

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  • people will stop playing this game

    after your filthy decision of banning innocent player for doing BHT with out knowing about the abuse, most players will stop playing this game.

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    Its try. Economic was crushed. Real moneys was crushed. Well. goooooodbye America, gooooooodbye my love - words and song from so much players (and so many ET buyers, and so geared people.)


    • stevenzhen
      stevenzhen commented
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      give me your account if you quit playing bro.

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    Uh, I think the real reason why people will stop playing is because of the break away from making the Characters individuals in their story and easy early game content. Which makes grinding boring.


    • ELpatron50
      ELpatron50 commented
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      I stop playing since the KDN implemented the Guardian Nest update.
      Now the DN:SAINT HAVEN MOBILE Edition came up I got to get the in the grind invigorate my player mode once more.

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    I mean if NA dies that means another sever transfer for merge yeet lata dweebs


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      I've heard so many people complaining about BHT and yell that they will stop play. But all of them are still playing now, and still paying money to ED