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    So based on current story set up were seeing a mirror of the stage/story progression in Altera. Now with the Heart of Merca representing Saint's haven/Cardrock pass, Rhadames representing the black strong hold, Merca port representing port Hermalte. Our next destination is red lotus palace the lotus marsh of the Mistlands due to it being the haven of hybrids supposedly. So transitionally the story has gone through each area the same as in Altera and the next place we need to go is getting to Rajuul to heal him with chalice of healing (assuming it's in the red lotus palace) . Now Rajuul is the key for Vestinel to break into Altera because by the existance of Labynia, he can infuse or have his power infused into other beings so they may attack the barrier. With this in mind Vestinel will keep him close where she can keep him in active use and control. The home of the oracle Pitya is the elven kingdom of the Holy edart empire. So assuming this is to be the Mistlands Anu Arendel we will be most likely heading to there some time after the Red lotus palace. (more in store as details are gathered)