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  • New Story?

    Does anyone know when we can expect new story quests? The story was one of my favorite things about DN; and it got a bit slow after the Pether arc wrapped up (partially because the translation quality has decreased as well) but I'm still really interested in it, when will we get more?

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    I really hope so.

    Although new story is secondary to the need for Eyedentity to sTOP FUCKING COPY PASTING STORYLINE STUFF FOR ALL CHARACTERS

    The story seriously slowed down and lost it's touch when they started making all the stories the same dialogue and routes. Pether Arc had the same things happening but the independent character touches were present. It's like when they stopped that, all characters lost individuality at that point.

    Sry for ranting on your post but damn


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      I agree it slowed down after level 80 in the mist lands, I do hope they continue it still though with 95 cap and such.


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        Well the main story is broken anyways. Knife Behind the Smile quest is still not found or fixed or whatever. As for story wise. Warriors and Archers have the same story through out with the exception of different dialogues for archer during the Arendel arc cause she's an elf. Clerics and Sorcs have the same beginning and converges with the Warrior and Archer during Carderock arc and Elena. Kali pretty much has the same story line except the different dialogue during Monolith time travel arc with Gaharam. Haven't touched Tinks yet so idk about them. Assassins had a great story, different from beginning until the Pether arc where Assassin finds out about the truth behind Lunaria and his origin from Rajuul then proceeds to converge with the rest at the Mistland Arc. Don't know Lancea and Machina yet but there really isn't anything new though. The characters are the hero that stops Pether and ventures to the Mistland to stop Vestinel. The "characters" and technically just one since you are just one player venturing the story. Only their origins differ. Arendel arc is where the whole story combines I believe.