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  • So about recording...

    Apparently this has been a talk for a while and most people with newer laptops like myself dont have a scroll lock button, and they dont give you the option to change. Are we stuck with 3rd party recording until they eventually get to this or is there a way i missed on changing the button?

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    See if any advice in this Quora thread helps:

    tl;dr: Some laptops have alternative ways to input scroll lock. If yours doesn't, you can use on screen keyboard (not 100% this will work with DN though).

    But to be honest, the in-game dragon-nest recorder turns out a bit white-washed, and also you have no control over which audio sources it picks up. If you have an NVIDIA card, ShadowPlay works quite well. Additionally, OBS is free and works quite well too.


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      I wanna say there's a way to keybind it but yeah. My laptop doesn't have scroll lock (the external keyboard I have at home does though), so having a way to get around this would be nice.
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        Quick workaround is to use the onscreen keyboard and access the scroll lock key from there. Otherwise, you can either download a standalone screen recorder (Fraps, Bandicam, etc). or use an external keyboard.


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          In the past, I used the on-screen keyboard. But the in-game recorder is terrible and causes extreme FPS lag, so I switched to OBS.
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            Yeah recommend using shadowplay(aka Share) if you have nvidia to record, but if you want to stream OBS is better because nvidia’s Share is awfully finicky and weird
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              Hi guys!

              Does anyone know how to split in-game sound and Discord voice chat while recording using NVIDIA Shadowplay?
              I've been searching for months and tried several suggestions like installing virtual cable etc, but still didn't work as expected, our voice chat conversation still recorded in the video.

              I don't want to use another recording software because Shadowplay gives me smooth gameplay while recording HD video.
              Or one may suggest what's the best solution since I am not really expert in this thing.

              Thank you in advance!