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Where is Engraving Extraction?

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  • Where is Engraving Extraction?

    We are pretty much the only server for DN that doesn't have this yet. What the hell? Is it going to be something we get and not told about and banned for if we use cause it "wasn't in the patch notes" like wtf. LF> Any of the gm messengers, cause it's all you guys do anyways, to at least ask questions since ED stays holed up in their asinine little headquarters in Korea.

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    There is a lot of missing content on the NA, this is not something new...
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        Korea got it during Lencea awakening.


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          Last patch was a bit weird for NA. We got sort of a double patch last month, containing all (?) of 95.5, and most (if not all) of the changes in 95.6 other than Lencea Awakening/DB, such as the other shop changes, the new party reward system, and the homeless boxes.

          This patch is rather small, and contains the actual content in 95.6 (Lencea Awakening + DB). So, yes, Korea got it during Lencea Awakening, but we also got a lot of stuff during that patch before the actual awakening. Our patches seem to correspond pretty closely to SEA, so I'd be interested to know if they also got the shop changes (but not engraving extractor) last month, and finally got engraving extractor this month. I see now in gear sim that in SEA, engraving extractor is available for purchase, but i'm not sure if it already was before the latest patch.

          I guess we'll find out in a couple days.


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            I know that DN sea got the engraving extractor last month's patch cause a player from DN sea has a video on YouTube showing the extractor and how it works. I saw in the blog the untranslated extractor but I'm more concerned that we won't even get it since it's not in the patch notes listed on the main site.