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After patch Vpack Dragon eggs.

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  • After patch Vpack Dragon eggs.

    So I logged in at 10:54 AM to receive my dragon eggs and to see what the new patch had in store. Come to find out that I didn't receive my dragon eggs on the spot like it was suppose to show up. I figured it was something that needed some time so I decided to try the Dark Banquet and come back to town and see if my eggs had came in. They didn't. I thought maybe my Vpack ran out of days or something. But, I log out and log back in and my Vpack shows up and it doesn't expire until February 24th, 2018. I also, didn't receive my dragon eggs once I had relogged back in and was excited to see if i could possibly get the new aisha accessorys. GM's please take a look at this and send me the dragon eggs cause 30$ means a lot in my world to miss 1 day (3$). Thanks.

    Ign LarryNance

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    You won't get the new Aisha accessories unless you buy the Aisha eggs. They aren't in regular V.eye.P eggs. Also, missing one day of V.eye.P isn't missing $3 worth. It's missing $1.


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      Thanks for the math correction and the typo but the issue still remains the same.


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        This is like the 10th (maybe more) thread about this and it is a known issue.

        Send in a Ticket, and give Lime the ticket number next time they bird.