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    I've sent a ticket that was under investigation 19 days ago, until now there hasn't been no resolution or response from the EYETeam/DNTeam, I sent a ticket someone was hacking into my account but no one knew my info. Then I tried logging into my account on February 27 but when I checked my email it was temporarily banned to avoid further compromise, it also told me to provide IGN's, Approximate date of the compromise information for the moderate team to take action against the players and account involved. I listed all my IGN's for each Characters that I've had, I was asked to provide Private Identification which I have provided to my fullest as well but after I finished replying to few of the emails, I was sent another one back which was responding to a ticket back in 2016 during the transfer which was not relevant at all to the issue at hand which was already resolved so I've been misunderstood after that I let them know that it was not in compliance with the current issue that I was trying to get clarified hoping to get my account unbanned and that's when It was sent off to be investigated again. I'm kindly asking if any GM or DNEyeteam are able to thoroughly look into this, I would really appreciate it! I've also posted my screenshots for proof of communication.

    [Ticket 396513] and [Ticket 398045]

    Thank you!
    Jan 27, 2019 Feb 27, 2019 Feb 28, 2019

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      [GM] LIME
      update, still no response since march 8. Literally said approximately 2 business days and it’s been exactly 2 weeks since then.


      • [GM] LIME
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        They haven't given me a response either, I'll let you know if there's any updates from them

      • Dissolve
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        thanks man, you’re actually giving me hope.

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      Ok, so yesterday I got really curious and check my GMAIL to see if I had a new message from ED, unfortunately, no. BUT, I saw this option where it said "VIEW TICKET" and I clicked on it and logged on my account. Then I clicked "My requests" and it said that the ticket I sent had already been "Solved"? clearly, it hasn't, because I'm still temporarily banned (1 month as of today).

      EDIT: perhaps it's the reason why my issue hasn't been solved yet?
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          Bump 47 days


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            hippity bumpity dumpity


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              If they havent unbanned you in a month and a half, hang it up. You're gone.


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                still no news from ED but my ticket went from
                ”Awaiting your reply” to “Solved” with my account still being banned
                oof almost 2 months


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                  haha bump