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  • Can't extract anything?

    Been playing a level 95 for a few days now and ive seen that all talismens or dragon gems i obtain from nest points or nightmare points is unextractable. It's pretty frustrating.

    I was reading the 95 Cap survival guide and in the section for Nightmare it says:
    You can extract these for fragments and essences to craft 95 Rare-grade talismans.

    So is me not being able to extract a bug or is this intended and the guide made a mistake?

    If this is intended: where can i get Dragon Gems and Talismens that ARE extractable?
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    The guide your talking about is a little outdated by now.
    The talismans and dragon gems your getting from the shop I assume are Challenger quality. these are slightly worse than the normal kind the guide is talking about. And due to their low value cannot be extracted or traded but they do make for good pocket change later on when you run out of things to spend points on.

    Unless I'm forgetting about something the only real way to get anything better than challenger now is to craft things using materials gathered.

    In the stage point shop on the first page there are 2 purple bags one for gem materials (cores and fragments) and one for talisman materials (Pieces and Essences) these will cost you dungeon points, you can get these points from running the 95 dungeons and taking daily quests. My best advice for starting out is if you cant handle higher difficulties accept the quest and do the dungeons on normal. Easy works but only for the one time each day (bc Easy does not drop loot and normal+ does.)

    Dungeon points also drop in nests but again you'll have to run on normal+ to get any loot for your efforts and are much harder to clear than dungeons so if your trying to grind for points your far better off grinding 95 dungeons at normal or harder.

    You can also visit Stashy and go into his community point shop. you get community points by partying other players and clearing content through out the week and points are raked up at the end of the week and added to your total.

    Dungeon points, Nest points and Community points are all shared currency. meaning if you have alt characters and do things on them as well the points they earn can still be used by your main character. Meaning the more characters you play on for bare min (2 daily dungeons, 2 maze runs, like 5 people and send 1 team of mercs out [does not mater if they fail]. some of that is optional bc its only for crystal points and leb points and while those are good you by no means have to do it on alts daily if you dont have time/want to) the more points you'll earn sooner.

    once you gather enough materials from the bags or just lucky drops you can start to craft u grade gems and rare grade talismans. if you roll stats you dont want you can buy gem controllers with nest points at the nest shop just note that these will cost nest points as well as extra materials so up to you if you'd rather just sell the gem and buy the correct one with the funds.

    the gems and talis that you craft can be extracted.
    U grade gems will extract into u grade materials that are required to craft L grade gems so those materials go for a little more than the standard material. (I should mention though a u gem will always sell for more than what its extracted into unless you get crazy lucky and extract into a core. so starting out i would def focus crafting and selling/trading undesirable gems for better ones.)

    Rare grade talis can also be extracted but to my knowledge they dont have any reason to be right now? just sell what you dont need and buy what you need if you craft something undesirable again.

    Hopefully this helps set you in the right direction.

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      The only thing we need to extract is our hard earned money from our bank accounts that we should use to spend on this great game.