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  • Guild Thief Warning

    Hopefully this isn't against the rules. I'm a long time player of Dragon Nest that's only active in short bursts because of school. During a heavy school term for my guild, a high ranking guild veteran recently took as many items from the guild storage as they could along with all the gold they could. They signed onto multiple accounts to take essentially everything. I guess you could say it's our fault for allowing them permissions to take anything, but we'd known each other for years at this point.

    I'm almost sure my friends and I won't get any of this our back. After messaging them, they told me that they didn't feel the need to ask us to take anything because we were inactive even though we were just waiting for the summer to be free to play again.

    Anyway, I'm making this post to warn anyone reading the forums of adding Creatavity, Prepperoni, and Penulu to their guilds.

    If anyone wants proof that I'm not lying, we took screenshots of all their storage activity. The entire album is below.

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    RIP.... But not against the rules due to you allowing this to happen. But noted to prevent that guy