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Good competition event won by botters

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  • Good competition event won by botters

    it said characters using auto-play etc would not be eligigle

    Zengeroff one of the most atrocious running (God knows how many..) bot accounts

    will also be rewarded with 100 dragon eggs and flower phoenix title n ow

    EASILY stolen from us players who actually EARNED it

    by amassing UNTOLD RICHES thru BOTTING

    rip Dragon Nest

    i quit.

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    to be clear this is right on the heels of "Pookum" making multiple threads claiming he was unjustly banned for botting

    then later in one of the same threads(the NA version) he GLEEFULY JOYFULLY admits to botting screeching in delight at h0m0-erotic blasphemous fantasies posted by other h0m0s enjoying his free gifts from botting

    do you not understand?

    r my words confusing?

    the child-molester "Pookum" made a post saying he didn't bot

    then later admits to botting same thread

    then later same thread is bragging about how he got unbanned

    sitting in game advertising to other botters just join his discord

    his little butt-buddy gm gonna unban all u bo tters

    i shouldn't quit?

    too late.

    p.s. earth = flat JESUS = GOD that made u u will never see another post from me

    inb4 all types of (further) h0m0 fantasies and lies posted about me.



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      Good bye loser, thank GOD you finally quit. No one ever wanted you in Dragon Nest. And the "Child Molester" I'm getting getcha Mr "SoliderOfGod" so once you turn your back i'll be there right up behind you.

      P.S. Sell me your wings and give me your account with guild!
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        I'm not a botter... Untold riches? Lmao.

        I don't even have a single L grade gem lol.

        I was smart. I saved my flowers and used them in the final week. Just let my character die over and over again.

        You're literally crazy.


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          And a pathological fucking liar to boot.

          Good riddance.


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            unlike Jesus my word is not always true

            said i wouldn't post again i did

            but like these wretched *word i can says* (else banned by earth for telling truth..)

            i actually am only interested (ever) in truth

            these are both botters

            the first triggered bc i won't lay with him

            second triggered b/c his wife would have fantasizes of laying with me, if i would let her

            would never

            am not broken, evil, wretch, as these 2

            i was evil, Jesus saved me

            anyone interested in truth it's plain to see

            most atrocious botters in the game, rewarded handsomly

            for sure you won't hear from me again

            just asa lol this "pookum" telling ME to grow balls in other thread

            who literally molests childrens' who are underdeveloped..

            speaks with a tiny girls voice despite being a grown man

            me, who was put in the hospital pissing blood at 5, got my reveng b4 i left kindergarten

            me, in juvi at 13 for being too much a G

            in prison 18-21 where i lived as a king

            this fk -boy sucks penis irl talking about "grow some balls" would literally been anyone who chose to have him's fk-toy

            in prison would literally give me his food if i demanded it

            i never would

            i'm a kind person

            read the thread pookum made about his "unjust ban" read all i sa id

            if you can't tell this man would be a rhapist but just too weak, you don't understand a fking thing

            sad thing he isn't too weak to force himself on children

            only society and their parents preventing it

            even that is decaying and b dead shortly

            to a pedo h0m0 child molster like pookums wet-dream and fantasy

            all earth worship satan

            giggling in their little sh!T staind underoos this homo (pookum) and weakling man (zengeroff) SOMEHOW got a girl (who i pity but she must also b dead)

            yes you aren't a botter zengeroff

            you didn't get hardbody triggered and post 100 times defending botting within the TINY amount of time i've been here

            i'm not intersted in speaking with or about fking lying pieces of sh!T anymore

            anyone even (remotely) real recognzes fire in my speech

            and sh!t staind panties on their fggot sh!t staind asses as they sreech out their fggot fking diareeah mouths

            inb4 "zengeroff" screeching again how intelligent he is bc i don't understand how to spell

            you are


            PAINFULLY Fking stupid

            and basic

            if i said there were a million like u it 's an udnerstantement

            all are like u

            painfully fing retarded

            unable to rationally think or respond or grasp anything that was said to u

            everything eludes u

            so uc ling to the one thing u can understand


            but u aren't painfully fking retadrded, right boy?



            "Zengerjackoff" ur btcfh far too ugly

            could NEVER



            get a man like me

            i don't want her weakling man d/w

            secondly she already laid with u

            means she's a fking buffoon

            in no way by Any Means could any woman who (EVER) laid with someone
            like you..


            lay wityh someone

            like me..

            blind fking retarded fggot buffoons go pretend ur victims now bc i said the F word that accurately describes u


            u blind fggot weakling btcvhes

            stop poking lions in the chest

            then act confused

            when you get

            your faggot fking face

            ripped off


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              You're just salty that you were in second last week and lost the event.

              Sit down, retard.


              • #8
                Originally posted by Zengeroff View Post
                You're just salty that you were in second last week and lost the event.

                Sit down, retard.
                zergerjackoff and jackoffpookum

                literally retarded

                as in by any measure

                painfully fking slow

                i awas called genious my entire life

                i am making my own game

                using (literally) 5 programming languages hacked together

                doing things the internet says you cannot do

                using hundreds of thousands of lines of code within notepad

                wherein even 1 letter capitolized that should not be would cause the entire program not to complile


                what's it feel liek

                faggot btch man, weakling, terrified, sh~!t at life, sh!t at game

                to repeatedly resort to calling someone

                DRASTICALLY more intelligent than yourself

                over and over.. online.. "retard"


                what's it feel like, fggot btch man, who would sh!t ur fggot sh!t staind fggot fkign panties

                before you spoke to ur father that way?

                to s peak to me like you're some type of G?

                you whose father would sh!t his fggot fking cum staind panties

                before he spoke to anyone 1/2 as real as me that way irl..

                but you come online rpeeatedly saying fggot thing slike "Sit down"

                to an OG's OG


                because you're fkign terrified

                and weak..


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	download.jpeg
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Size:	16.0 KB
ID:	163602

                  This entire conversation in a nutshell.


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                    Originally posted by Zengeroff View Post
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	download.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	16.0 KB
ID:	163602

                    This entire conversation in a nutshell.
                    you have never "Conversated" with me fk boy

                    you run your fggot fking mouth

                    enraged and triggered at the truth

                    you are still running you (terrified) fggot fkign mouth online

                    enraged and triggered at the truth

                    how long will i continue to say the same thigns to you

                    take heart, faggot fking loser, the words are not for u

                    but those drastically more intelligent than you, actually interested in truth

                    you do not "conversate" with me fk boy

                    you troll me harass me stalk me run ur fggot fking mouth about me

                    same as pookum said he was a married man i'm starting to think u also jacking off to me

                    please go away now

                    faggot fking loser


                    • #11
                      You wouldn't know the truth if it dropkicked you in the face. You're a liar. A pathological liar at that. You literally just make shit up and say it.

                      I'm done with this.

                      I have better things to do than go back and forth with idiots online.

                      Have fun posting massive, aimless walls of texts at yourself.


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by Zengeroff View Post
                        You wouldn't know the truth if it dropkicked you in the face. You're a liar. A pathological liar at that. You literally just make shit up and say it.

                        I'm done with this.

                        I have better things to do than go back and forth with idiots online.

                        Have fun posting massive, aimless walls of texts at yourself.
                        again, faggot fking loser, despite the fact you lack the ability to comprehend (Anything) beyond the most (Absolutely basic, painfully fking simple) speech

                        does not mean anything i said was in vain, or irrational

                        you are fking retarded

                        very much so

                        despite the fact you keep screeching i am retarded.

                        you harassed me for so long in the game got fking blocked, ignored

                        ur fggot panties got wet when you saw me posting here, at the opportunity to harass me

                        now so painfully fking stupid you actually thinkg (anyone) NOT broken as ur self

                        not DELUSIONAL not fking RETARDED as yourself

                        would actually believe (Anbything) out ur fggot fking lips at this point

                        yes, "YOU'RE" done with this


                        O K

                        yes YOU are the being harassed by ME

                        yes. clearly

                        yes clearly EYE stalked YOU out the entire time i was in the game, right?

                        YOU had to block ME Right?

                        becauSE EYE got triggered at the BEAUTIFUL profound ELOQUENT truth pouring forth from YOU rigth?

                        EYE started messaging YOU everyday hardbody fking triggered fggot fking enraged bc EYE hate Jesus and all He stands for , right?

                        EYE'M the fggot twerking on penis btch boy ran MY fggot fking mouth got MY fggot fking face took online now so fking pathetic still trying win a fking fighht

                        was over long b4 it begun

                        i told u earlier


                        panty weraing fk boy

                        (btw if u so proud of it why pretnd have a wife, fggot fkboy)

                        i told u earlier


                        panty weraing

                        fk boy.

                        maybe stop poking lions in the chest

                        when you kno you're a terrified fggot weakling btch

                        then act confused

                        why you get your fggot fking face ripped off

                        good day botter.

                        fk off now.


                        • #13
                          my God is angry @ me, and i am convicted, guilty, and i repent

                          when someone harms us, repeatedly, egregiously, and for no reason, it's easy to hate

                          but my Lord was nailed to a cross not for His Own, but my shame.

                          He didn't need to smoke a bowl and calm down, only later offering apologies and showing His Love.

                          even as He hung, tortured, He was concerned for the souls of THOSE WHO NAILED HIM!!

                          saying "forgive them father.. ...they know not what they do!"

                          Jesus is my God, and my teacher

                          i have (once again) fallen (immeasurably) short of His Glory

                          thank you Jesus, for your patience, my King

                          @ those attacking me with lies, understand your weapon is as shadow,
                          His Truth is as flame, that protects me even when i am making mistakes

                          this is the (very real & very true) power of The King

                          everything that exists exists to hide the truth of Him

                          i had a youtube with thousands of followers banned for exposing the truth about flat earth and Jesus

                          but earth is flat, easy to prove, and if you are beautiful like me and hated on long enough by this ugly world

                          you will (eventually) begin to recognize what hate is

                          all those screeching "don't be a hater" were the ones hating on you, beautiful

                          and when you recognize how brilliant you are compared with this world of dullards..

                          ..and how bad they hate you for your brilliance...

                          you then may become able to recognize Jesus as I did

                          thru their (insane, irrational, incessant) hatred of Him

                          what name is profaned all across earth

                          muhummad, right?

                          or buddha?




                          it's JESUS

                          b/c JESUS is actually God that made you

                          as is written in revelation now this beast system has opened it's mouth to profane the most high

                          that Name that is above all names

                          but i'm wrong for calling you basic who screech His Name in dis-respect?

                          that ONE NAME given under heaven by which men must be saved..

                          the bible's wrong for calling you common?

                          "in the beginning was the Word (JESUS)
                          and the Word (JESUS) was with God

                          and the Word (JESUS) WAS GOD!

                          the same was in the beginning with GOD

                          all things were made by HIM (JESUS) & without HIM was no thing made that was made

                          in HIM (JESUS) was life

                          and that life was the light of men

                          and the light shineth in darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not
                          (or "& the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness overtook it not!")

                          HE (JESUS) was in the world, and the WORLD WAS MADE BY HIM..

                          ..but the world knew Him not..

                          HE (JESUS) came unto His OWN! (the 'jews')

                          but HIS OWN RECEIVED HIM NOT!!!!

                          ...but to as many as received Him, He gave unto them power..

                 become son's of God...

                          .....even to them that believe on His Name.....

                          ---aServantOfGod (one believing on His Name)

                          i am called to withstand evil, yet never return evil in turn

                          my apologies then, for His sake.

                          i repent.