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Thoughts on SEA translation?

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  • Thoughts on SEA translation?

    We now know that NA English translation is changed to SEA translation. Tbh I really don't like it. It's still understandable, but some sentences feels too "straight-forward from original transcripts" and not smooth enough. Some names of characters and locations sounds awkward and "doesn't make sense". It is very confusing.

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    They just did it because they are lazy and didn't want to continue having separate translations.


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      DN: it saves money *wink wink* *thumbs up*
      TDIZ = Today's gonna be a great day!


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        Well hopefully there will be less errors now with SEA sharing a translation like this. Some place names do sound awkward and quite different from previous NA translation though I agree. You really notice it doing the BST missions sometimes :3.


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          Personally I am glad to see the Nexon names gone - it is confusing at first but should make communication across the global dn community easier eventually.
          Can we switch out the remaining Nexon character voices too please?


          • HeavensBlossom
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            Eh I can give the names a pass but I'd rather stick to my English voices