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  • sunset cloister maps

    so why did ED basically phase out tradeable map frags and made maps so annoying to get for f2p players

    It's so obvious that they just pushing ppl to pay for goblynn boxes every update

    this game used to be 10$ a month but now u need to spend so much to keep up

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    Because they run a business where the primary directive is to make money and not lose it?

    Is it REALLY that hard to understand why?

    You even answered your own question immediately after asking it.

    Honestly, the quality of life is better than ever for f2p scrubs. You can get a competent costume and L grades easily now. Running the board makes it easy to farm hundreds of gem pouches and thousands of gold per day.

    Bottom line, f2p people don't add to their pockets so it makes sense to aim the higher end content toward people that do.

    Don't like that, pay for it like everyone else that has it.


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      I'm with you about the maps. It's much harder to get them now and kinda stinks.

      I agree that it's waaay easier than ever for f2p to get gold and L grades because of board missions. You can even get some costumes and accessories for free now but I also can't deny that you have to spend a lot more than you used to in order to keep up. Plus you have to play the RNG game with cash anyways, so that doesn't help. (I mean it's always been that way- but it seems like we don't get good spending events or community spend events to help lessen that burden of RNG..) This is obviously the direction they want to go with the game now, so I guess there is nothing to really be done about it though?
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        The only thing I've felt I've "had" (and I'm using had very loosely here) to purchase in the last few months were blue unicorns in order to evolve them. Everything else has just been for vanity reasons, like the new light costume weapons.

        It honestly shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that paying customers get preferential treatment.

        Of course they are going to make map farming harder when they turn the drop rate way up and increase events in cloister runs and increase gold goblin drops in there.

        There was an event a couple of months ago to burn off excess Cloister maps and Flowers of hope.

        There was a reason for that. They used to be too easy to get and with current rates, I'm glad they are harder to farm.

        I literally got 40 twilight boxes, 360 map frags and 60k gold in 230 Cloister runs on Saturday.

        That's absolute fucking insanity.

        ​​​​Making drops that good with maps being abundant wouldn't make sense. It would also cheapen top tier gear.
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          I forgot they fixed the drop rate- that does make sense for having less maps then

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        what are you talking about ? tickets are going to become SS later on, you can grind maps fragements easily, just reset mission until you get the perfect dungeon for you class and dont clear the dungeon (cuz invander have higher chance of spamming in invader mission), so you can keep invaders hunt until you run out ftg, then you can grind with alts and wait until they become SS EASY =3.

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