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Revert The Nest Mission Changes

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  • Revert The Nest Mission Changes

    What are you doing, ED? This change will be the final nail in the coffin for DN NA. The game is beyond dead and the biggest progression block in our version ( L Jades ) were finally obtainable for new players and players who don't want to spend hundreds of $$$$ whaling. As of right now there isn't a single LJade on the DN NA marketplace, only 1 unique core and 66 unique fragments. This game was finally become good again and now you've finally killed it.

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    the change made it easier to make L gems from doing nests, just buy a couple mags, get the gold chests and extract them, it's faster and easier now than the nest point system was


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      Its only easier if you can complete 10f+ and you have tons of magnifying glasses.

      Before: New users spam easy, 60k nest points and buy boxes or 33 powder

      After: Easy gives 4 powder from silver chest or 10 from gold chest.


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        To be completely fair, if all you're running is Easy, you don't deserve L grade gems.


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          new fee service for LB10+ incoming... ty ED ^^