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iWooYou - farewell and good luck to everyone with everything

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  • iWooYou - farewell and good luck to everyone with everything

    Hey guys, hope all is well with everyone.

    Feels like it's been forever. Hope all of you are doing well through COVID-19. I randomly thought of DN as I've been offline for a long while. Thought I'd drop nice words here.

    Hope everyone gets vaccinated. Moderna and Pfizer are fine. Just avoid Johnson and Johnson at the moment because there are 6 rare cases of blood clots linked to that

    vaccine. I'm no longer logging on to DN and I won't be signing on again. Its been great playing DN with you all being one of few OG's of DN ever since the very beginning

    when DN was part of Nexon games. For those who I've PVP'd / PVE'd with both friends and foe, thanks for the good times. For the people who I've personally got to know, I've

    messaged most of you guys individually on discord. For everyone else who I missed, or didn't get a chance to get to know more, I wish you guys well in your endeavors. Good

    luck with everything. Moving on to greater things.

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