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dayum ya'll saw dat op facebook post?

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  • dayum ya'll saw dat op facebook post?

    dem eyedentity boiz knows whats up

    dragon nest cant be stopped. 7 years runnin.

    da world will end n peepz still gonna be playin Dragon Nest aka da GOAT game of all time
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    aka game of all time game of all time?


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      The fact that this needs to be announced is actually a bit concerning
      Dragon Nest Savior


      • BowieSage
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        Editing a comment
        The sad thing is: I doubt this is even going to do anything to convince those who claim that the game is dead to change their minds. They're still going to claim the game is dead or dying, simply because they don't want to play Dragon Nest, don't want to go out of their houses and interact with society, and have nothing better to do with their time.