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Dark Avenger and Dark Classes in General

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  • Dark Avenger and Dark Classes in General

    So I am new to the game started 2 days ago and I was reading around on how you have to wait for the option to be open in order to create a Dark Avenger, which will be a warrior that can advance to "Avenger" and then proceed to advance to the Dark Avenger stage. I have also read if I make a regular warrior and get to level 50 I could have it advance to the Dark Avenger stage and I wanted to know how I at this current moment in time could go about making a new character from scratch and it being a Dark Avenger. If possible please include step-by-step process, as when I read other posts about it all I see is people answering the thread with incomplete information or information that they themselves are unsure of. Please do me this favor and have a nice day .

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    wait for the character to be released ( probably tomorrow ) then make it the same as any other class o.o


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      Wait till tomorrow after the update. You will then be able to create all the dark classes with the release of Ray Mechanic.


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        ty guys for the response but now i wanna know how you guys know there is an update tomorrow?


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          Repost: it's on the facebook page for dragon nest NA. Was updated like 10 hours ago saying there would be an update on the 10th.

          edit: you can check dragon nest Europe's page for a bit of info on the new class, ray mechanic.

          Like was said dark classes can be made all once the new one releases so you can make a dark avenger then.

          The facebook page
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            Pretty much what everyone else said, but I should probably address a few bits of misinformation.

            For one, you can't go Warrior > Avenger > Dark Avenger like you would with normal classes. If you create a regular Warrior, you can only specialize as a Mercenary or Swordsman at level 15 and their respective second specializations at level 44-45, and you won't be able to use a Class Change Scroll to change to DA. Same applies for every other regular class that has a dark class.

            What makes Dark Avenger creation different is that when you create your character, instead of starting as a regular level 1 Warrior, you start out already specialized as an Avenger (same for Hunter > Silver Hunter, Heretic > Arch Heretic, and Mara > Black Mara). This means that 1) you don't get the Warrior specialization quest at level 15, since you're already specialized, but can invest into Avenger skills right away if you meet the level/SP/skill conditions for them, 2) your only option for second specialization is Dark Avenger at level 50, and 3) you can't change into any other Warrior specialization no matter what. That character is locked into the Dark Avenger path the moment they're created, and stay that way until they're deleted (again, same for the other dark classes).

            As for why you can't class-change to or from them, the reason is likely because the game considers a Warrior created as a Dark Avenger completely separate from a regular Warrior. This is especially true when you consider that the Avenger, much like the other dark classes, has a somewhat different tutorial/intro (same beginning event, but with an additional part that introduces the transformation (or certain skills for Mara, due to story reasons and how her transformation works)).