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  • Dragon nest 2017

    In this years it can be sum up in this saying.

    "debuff class don't exist"

    nuff said.

    I can confirm this since i'm a class/character who debuffs players and nest.

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    Soul Eater and Elestra isn't a debuff class?
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    • Senpai-Deviljho
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      But they have the most debuff in their skills. That i see is extremely useful but now these days people want something that can do over 1bil damage in a heart beat while soul eater (one of my class) can only do slow over time damage. I always see lunar knights, dark avenger, warden and more but can't list them. I have gears that i can do a rune normal but since i can't do huge amount of damage in heartbeat ppl just kick me. My guild don't try to help because the people who are set to do all raids only group with each other and don't bother to help. They even posted a list of who can raid (but i alrdy know i can't raid) and most of them was almost the same class only different was seeing a valk in it. This is shouldn't be this punishing for ppl but ppl make it punishing for others.

    • Couplord
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      My understanding was that Soul Eater in most cases was a welcomed staple for optimal DPS, due to her unique curse stacking that you can't find anywhere else.....
      As for Warden and Lunar Knight, Warden's bug was fixed... and Lunar Knight's are over rated in rune...

    • Senpai-Deviljho
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      i just don't understand why ppl perfer set classes for nests and leave the least classes as a optional. So it's hard to even get better gears and gold for me. This game makes the saying "rich get richer while poor get poorer" true but in this case it's "the strongest get stronger while the weakest get weaker". If people can't spare a few nest to help the slightly weaker guildies.