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  • Potentially Returning Player

    So I've heard that 95 cap was releasing soon and was wondering how worthwhile it would be to begin playing the game again now. I last played during 93 cap around the time of Ice Dragon 4 man release (don't remember if this released seperately from the 8 man raid?)

    I wanted to know what's changed since then, (just a rough summary. I can look into the details myself once i know what to look into.)

    Also if I do come back which of these classes is in the best spot currently: Gladiator, Barbarian, Reaper, Abyss Walker, and Dark Avenger.

    Oh and what's the population look like? Any worse or better since when I last played?

    Thanks for your time guys.

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    well barbarian will always be fking rip, because who needs barbarian when you have destroyer... ugh I HATE DESTROYER they are so fking boring. barbarian neds a major fking buff... but yea destroyers are wanted because of their tanky ass and being able to do dps also.


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      Abyss Walker - great ult damage and easy to pilot.
      Dark Avenger - if you wanna see 10digit damage by just 1 skill (dark crash iirc)