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  • Warriors Tournament Rewards

    Hello! It's me Remonade and I was wondering when will the rewards from the Warriors tournament be distributed? It has been about a week since the finals and I did indeed receive the hero's boxes and goddess' sadness, however I was just a little worried the bigger rewards may have been forgotten. Also I would like to know if the 100k DNP is permanent or if it will be removed with the maintenance. Thanks!
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    DNP will probably be given out on patch update because it does get reset each patch and patch is due in a couple weeks. Expect it sometime around then.
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      Hello Remonade,

      I have reviewed your account and found that DNP has not been distributed. 100K DNP has been given to your account, so do please let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance!

      Sorry for making you confused but congratulations, once again!

      Kind regards,
      GM Nest


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        Thank you very much GM Nest. However I should mention that the reward of 1st place was the title *Unbreakable* along with the 100k DNP. So if you guys could also take this into account I would be very grateful! I have attached a photo of the title being absent. Thanks!


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          Hello again!

          I have reviewed your account and found that the title has not been distributed. It seems like there was some error with the system Sorry for being late!

          Let me know if you need any further assistance and thanks for playing Dragon Nest!

          GM Nest