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    Hey all. Use to play back when neon owned dn. I quit cause I lost my maxed out machina. Thinking about coming back. But I don' know what I want. I can get a pc buy I prefer a laptop. Any laptop reccomendations that can play dn on max settings with no lag. That is affordable? I' on a budget. Thanks in advance.

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    Well, i will make you save up some bucks before you make an investment , the current DN NA is a dud, poor management, a lot of bugs, but letting those 2 previous points aside, the inflation is really high, it's almost unplayable for FTP players unless you've got tons of free time to grind for your stuffs(or pay for dragon eggs and sell their stuffs which is basically p2w), not to mention the other players being really greedy, this is the situation we are facing right now, i personally think it's not worth the try if you're starting from 0 but if you're willing to, then welcome again.
    I am considering quit the game soon unless they fix this ruin of an economy( it will probably not happen because they give a fk about their own game), the prices of the stuffs are really absurd tbh.

    anyways, that's basically the state in which the game is on.


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      You can't max DN on anything without lag. It lags my gaming rig down. Just get something with a GTX 1050 or higher in it and you'll have a decent enough experience.


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        To be fair prices back then were already high lol. I just miss doing what I did. Name was tsukiramai or tsukiraken use to help need and ppl in general understand the game or lol em. I was mostly a solo player wasn' in any guilds really. If i was it wasn' long. Never really had a home. Was just upset I lost all my +13s n 14s


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          Prices now are astronomical lol nowhere near what they were when Nexon published NA.


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            Crap they are higher? Last I played I sold a triple stat go plate for 18k. How much are they now?


            • Zengeroff
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              3rd stat FD plates have gone for over a million.

              You can't buy much for 18k now. That's like a drop of water in the ocean now.

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            Wow ok 20th is to exspensive not gonna play now


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              dN not 20th


              • Valor
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                whats your discord?