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Some questions for how to get epic costume

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  • Some questions for how to get epic costume

    I see that we would have to synthesise 2 rares to have a chance for an epic one.

    What I would like to know is:

    - Do we have to synthesise the same costumes? For example red and red or blue and blue? Or any type is fine as long they have same rarity which is rare.

    - Do we have to buy rare permanent costumes?

    - Can we purchase all these using DNP?

    Many Thanks, beginner here

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    You have to synthesize the same type (Ex. If you wanted a hat, you'd need to synthesize 2 hats) Any rarity works, I believe the higher the rarity, the higher the chance of you getting an epic. This doesn't work on weapon & offhand

    Yes it needs to be a permanent costume

    You can purchase everything in DNP
    Nerf all classes, buff LK