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Gladiator vs Challenger.

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  • Gladiator vs Challenger.

    Which should I work towards in the long term? I have enough for full Unique Gladiator, but if Challenger is more op, what's the point of buying it right? I could just roll and roll.

    Oh and is all Gladiator Stuff now unattainable?

    This also goes with the old talismans and the new.

    Why did they add Challenger anyways? Fuck up returning players?
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    Challenger stat are less than or equal to gladiator and you have to be lucky to get something with the right stat for your class. it is still good though. If you are returning I would suggest buying hundreds of challenger pouches and see if you can get something useful.

    You can still craft gladiator stuff. When you craft the stat are random but you can choose the gem type and unlike challenger if you dont get what you want you can stamp and sell, extract or convert.