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2017 Christmas Event - Dear Santa!

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    Dear Santa,

    Give me more gold, i need my gen accs and full +21 calypso.
    IGN: Charles <with a capital i :^)


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      Dear Dad

      I'm a boy named Bray. Everyone tells me Ray so you can call me that too.
      I've been good all year, I've done the homework, so I think I deserve a good gift.
      IGN: Zukine


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        Dear Santa,
        This year i want a pony, like last year,and the year before. Oh please bring me one this year

        IGN - Seaquence


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          Dear Santa,

          The world rotates in a direction linked to the 13 precepts of sin.

          IGN- I forgot my ign :/


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            Dear Santa,

            Merry X-mas to everyone !



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              Hello Santa Orc,
              where the hell are you this year? that was the only good thing about DN during the holiday season.
              IGN: Astarini
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                HEY SANTA,

                GIMME MY SNOWMAN

                IGN: Bunny


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                  Dear Santa,

                  I was once given a piece of sage advice from a scizor: "When in doubt, U-turn out!" Now, normally, I would be a bit skeptical from taking life advice from giant, armor plated bugs, but I could tell from the look in it's eyes(and those steel!pincers) that it meant business. With that being said, I would encourage you to use this wisdom in your own life, Claus. When people begin to doubt, simply U-turn out. What's that? They say you are too fat to fit down a chimney? *slap* *whoosh* ☊ - turn out. Huh? You've been a good boy/girl this year and you still didn't get any presents? *boing* *pap!* *whoosh, whoosh* (╭☞⍤ᴥ⍤)╭☞ Hit 'em with the U! Neheh? You don't HAVE a chimney???......................Well, that's for another time. ._. Anyway, remember this and you'll do fine: You can't be held accountable for anything if you aren't around for it! ~_^

                  Your boy, big αα Alpha αα
                  IGN: ParadoxAlpha


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                    Thank you for participating 'Dear Santa...' Event! The winners has been announced and the letters has been released in game! :] Again, thanks for participating!


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                      how to fix this pls help me thx
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