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[CLOSED + Winner Announcement] [NA_GM EVENT] Hey, There! Who Is Your Valentine?

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  • [CLOSED + Winner Announcement] [NA_GM EVENT] Hey, There! Who Is Your Valentine?

    Happy to announce the event winner! Contratulations~!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	1 Size:	5.7 KB ID:	167685



    Special event for Valentine's Day!

    Please point out the player you want to give a gift to.

    After reading the comment,
    [GM]Loren will give presents to both the players
    who participated in the event and the users who wanted to give presents out!


    [Event Period]

    - Sunday, February 9, 2020 17:30 PM ~ Sunday, February 16, 2020 17:30 PM (1 week, PST)

    - The event winner will be announced as soon as event closed.

    [Event Mechanics]

    1. The exclusive event forum page will be opened.
    2. Write the event participant IGN and another IGN who wants to presents the appointed reward.


    I want to present the rewards to [PM]NANA because she always carries me FDN!

    3. Among those who write two IGNs and the reason in the forum page, GM will select 3 winners randomly and send the reward.
    4. The reward will be delivered to total [6] characters, (Participants, mentioned Character).

    [Event Reward]

    - Captivated Rose Trinket (1)
    - Magic Wand (25)
    - Goddess's Blessing Muffin (15)
    - FTG Recovery Potion 3000
    Click image for larger version  Name:	trinket.png Views:	1 Size:	880.1 KB ID:	167244


    - There is no limit to participation in this time event.
    - The reward will be delivered on Monday, February 24, 2020 00:00 (PST) through special storage.
    - The reward can be obtained until 2nd March 23:59 (PST) and will not be reimbursed with any reason.

    - All event participants should write two IGN including their own IGN.
    - The event operation and reward delivery is based on account basis.
    - You must use English when you participate event. (Spanish, French, Japanese and other languages are not allowed to participate)
    - Players who use language that encourages disputes, such as profanity or verbal abuse, may be sanctioned. (Ref. No: DN-COM-02)

    - You cannot participate in this event on behalf of other players.
    - Inquiries will not be accepted during the event.
    - GM's decision is final.

  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Good day, MinaMyoui! Thank you for coming to Forum and participating in this event.

    I really thought a lot when I read your story. I was looking forward to having friends like RushBlitz and meeting warm-hearted users like you.
    Thank you very much for telling me a heartwarming story through this event.

    Happy gaming! >____<

  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Hallo, MarkMarkS. How are you doing today?

    I want to show ColdWeep my respect.
    The mind that allowed you to stay in the Dragon Nest, as well as the highest praise for him, the soldier who protects the country!
    Say hello to Mystic people and thank you for everyone always cheering me

    We will do our best to enhance our service as your wish! Thank you for participating in this event a lot ^--^

  • MinariGray
    I want to present the rewards to my dearest friend in the game, RushBlitz. We are both OG players playing since the early days of Dragon Nest. But we only started knowing each other a couple of months ago since I played in other servers before playing in Dragon Nest NA. I can still recall the first time I saw him. I was spamming different dungeons like crazy hoping to encounter a “dream invader”. But as soon as RushBlitz joined my party I met my very first dream invader in Dark Overlord Training Camp (it was also his very first attempt at finding “dream invader”). That moment it felt like Rushy struck a match and blew my mind.

    We started becoming closer since the event and became a duo. We were Feder and Elizabeth, King Cassius I and Aisha. We were partners in crime, killing innocent monsters just because the BST mission board told us to do so while enjoying “Fluttering leaves of The Tree of Life” running in the background. With our Strength combined, as the Avenger and the Oracle, we have achieved wonders in Dragon Nest (like reaching Floor 9 of Red Lotus Maze). I enjoy being myself around him (which involves a lot of R-rated jokes) and when we’re not busy being heroes of Lagendia, we simply spill the tea and gossip as this ain’t just Dragon Nest, it’s Drama Nest.

    Sometimes life gets hard and when that happens, we cheer up each other. We tell each other of our struggles in real life. He’s like a brother to me (thus I always call him step-brother). But of course, siblings fight. Many a time when negative feelings (and bad RNG no lie) got the best of us and we took it out on each other. We even fought 2 days before Valentine. But just as he once said to me: “We fight, then we talk, then we overcome, and our bond becomes stronger than ever”.

    When I failed to enhance my +8 Skila Upper Body to +10 for 13 times I did not cry. When I failed to get a single Dreamy dragon jade after clearing sunset cloister for 240 times I also did not cry (but almost). However, I cried when he told me he would not be much active in PVE. I had to respect his decision, but at the same time I understood the importance of his presence to me in Dragon Nest. Luckily, he still hangs around with me in the game for silly talk and gossip.

    RushBlitz – THE avenger blessed by the RNGesus, I put all my emotions throughout our journey into this post and dedicate it to you. I’ve met and said farewell to so many good friends from cap 24 to endgame. And I know I will move on but one day, I’ll be searching for this post again and smile to myself as I remember what a great friend and an amazing step-brother I once had.

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  • MarkyMark

    I want to present the rewards to ColdWeep. We met back in Crus4ders when I first came back from my hiatus, which was around 3 years ago. We didn't really speak much back then, but as I started gearing and finding people to play with, we started chilling more and eventually we were running with a few guildies that we became good friends with. We spammed nests together, helped each other gear/funded each other (mostly me funding him xd), and laughed with each other on discord. They were all good times until dragon nest came to a stop at 95 cap with tier 2 calypsos and green dragon nest, and we got tired of grinding for minimal results so we all took a break again. 2 years later he calls me back to play and I was hesitant at first, but I got back into the game and we started playing and gearing again. He convinced me to join him in a new home called Mystic now and I've been here since. He's away for military duties right now, but I'm sure he'll eventually be back on this game again. Still waiting for my best friend to come back so I can fund him more, I mean grind more

    Also a shout out to Mystic guild, especially Pookum and KuppKakes. If it wasn't for all the friendly Mystic guild players in this game, I probably would've quit again.

    Also another shout out to Sizuone and Apology. Hope you 2 are doing well and hope you 2 read this. Come back to DN

    PS please either bring back enhancement hammers or something so people can at least have some form of alternative to enhancing.

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  • SenjuGod
    commented on 's reply
    We do have some of the same costumes and or colors!
    Have a good day !

  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Yuumie. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend~!

    Thank you for enjoying Dragon Nest continuously even you left once a time before and Katharinna, thank you for your support !!
    I promise to stay and help all NA players for a long time too. Let's grow together >__<

    Happy Gaming and thank you for participating in the event!!

  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Jugz, good day~! Had you sweet time on Valentine's day? ^---^

    I can your love bound for Mendelssohn so much even we have physical distance in real!!
    Let's meet together in-game someday! Please talk to me about your story !!! Willing to hear of it.

    Enjoy your weekend with Dragon Nest >~<

  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Hello, StarLiiight! Happy to see you in Forum after hearing about you from ChaosBreaker!!

    I and our team will do our best to improve Dragon Nest service for supporting your relationship for good.
    Thank you so much for coming and participating in this event Happy Gaming!!

  • Admin
    commented on 's reply
    Hi, RomJom! enjoying weekend with Dragon Nest?

    I hope to get beneficial advice from OneShotShe for crafting and collecting materials someday since I'm always looking for a good way of it!
    Thank you for coming to the Forum and joining this event! Happy Gaming ^0^

  • Yuumie

    I want to give the presents to Katharinna, because I have known her for 1 year and since then we do all things together. Every time I am about to leave the game, she encourages me to continue having fun together and that is something I value very much. I understand that time is progressing and nobody knows what could happen in the future, but while I am playing I want to continue playing with her. I appreciate all the times she has carried and helped me, and my wish is that we can both grow together.

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  • Whaley
    commented on 's reply
    Twas a hot summer day in August of 2017. I was a lost soul grinding nests alone. Then suddenly, an angel from above descended to earth. And there stood Jugz, in +20 tier2 calypso. Jugz gave me the opportunity to do harder content. It was just one nest, but thats all it took for me. The rest is history UWU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Crotchimus

    I'd like to present the reward to ❤ Mendelssohn! ❤ He is the most SUGOI boyfriend I could ever ask for and his love for me is so kawaii!~~~~ ❤
    I can't want to spend the rest of our lives together! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  • Lione

    I want to present the rewards to ChaosBreaker because he is my most precious, irreplaceable person. I struggle to keep up with DN content and he has always been there to help me and answer all the silly questions I have that could be found buried somewhere in a notice. Recently DN has been something we can have fun with together while not being able to physically see each other so I hope this would be a nice valentines gift for him who works really hard everyday.

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  • imperialjerome

    I wan't to present the rewards to OneShotShe because he is my little brother and he actually helps and guides me on how to get stronger in DN. He lends me gold so I could be stronger!

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