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This really annoys me....

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  • This really annoys me....

    I despise when people farm in PvP especially when such a high rank as TriAce himself. I know he's trying to get to Champion rank but so are the rest of us in top 10, and not all of us are willing to sink that low for easy exp. It really isn't fair to the rest of the PvP community. Even if he doesn't get caught from doing this, is reaching champ all that worth it if you cheated by getting there? Dean Nest

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    he's doing a 1v1. are you really that shallow you want to call a PvPer doing a 1v1 a Farmer? If you don't want him to get champion then go pvp more and get there first. the Current Champion got his rank from chillrooming and playing himself all day long during the nexon era. the Arena experience was supposed to have been reset because of this but it never happened.
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      I suggest you read up on your history, the minority of the top players such as Slash and GEMINI farmed their kills and exp through these types of rooms. GEMINI got caught, Slash didn't. One's banned, the other is champ. When someone gains five hundred kills in one day. and gains zero deaths, it's safe to say that it's not just a 1v1 room.
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        stfu jeg, lunar is obviously right


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          Originally posted by Peng View Post
          stfu jeg, lunar is obviously right
          LMAO glad I quit this shit tier of a game good luck with your lives m8s
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            Jeggy, why do you claim to care so much about fairness when you openly abuse the divine combo glitch in pvp?

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              I mean I could abuse it by myself in a private room farming alts instead of fighting actual players. But that really wouldn't make a difference would it, because when is tiny ever satisfied amirite amirite?

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            I cri


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              theres another pally glitch? what the HECK
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