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Don't understand PvP at all...

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  • Don't understand PvP at all...

    I've read all about SA and SAb and whatever, but I still don't get it. Sometimes I can pummel people into the ground, and sometimes no matter how much I try to stack SA they just counter everything I do and have more SA than seems reasonably possible. I struggle the most against mages and warriors.... Those mages especially seem just uncounterable with massive AoE that lingers for days. What am I doing wrong? What can I do better? I'm using Plasma Outburst (always seem to get knocked out of the air, unless I'm on the offensive), Shadow Summon, Circle Strike (seems so good in some matches, and useless in others), Shadow Focus (generally seems amazing), and Dark Strips (also seems amazing, but sometimes I still get countered...). Any advice?

    Also just fought a cleric that I couldn't do any damage to or knock down at all... Wtf.
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    SA and SAB are fairly simple. If your SAB is at least as high as the opposing SA, it'll break it. has comprehensive tables of these values.

    For the cleric, he probably used block, which negates the next 5 attacks and lasts 12 seconds, whichever comes first. Or perhaps it was a paladin, and he used heart of glory, which turns him invincible for a while. Or maybe it was stance of faith. You can check out to see what other class's skills do, or better yet, try the classes yourself.

    However from here I can't really say much about how to improve. If you're looking for personalized advice, you should definitely post a video of some gameplay so we can see what exactly's going on.

    Anyways hope that answered some of this!!


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      I have my own descriptions of I-frames, SAB, and SA on the site too (in case you haven't/want to read them, here ya go).

      "Iframe: Invincibility frames (Iframes) are a combination of frames [each skill's animation has a certain number of frames, they can be hitable frames or unhitable frames] in certain skills where a character cannot be hit or damaged*. During this period of time, while a character is going through an iframe, the character will have a white glow while the iframes are still active.
      *One [major] skill in the game is made to hit players through iframes and that is Tempest's Hurricane Dance. However, [it should be noted that] due to the current state of DN, there are times when iframes will unexpectedly fail.

      SA: Super Armor (SA) grants a player with the ability to absorb an attack without having their current animation interrupted. Damage from the opponent is still applied normally. With each successful hit from the opponent, the SA of the player's skill decreases. The amount decreased depends on how much SAB the opponent's skill hit with. A skill with high SA makes the player glow yellow.

      SAB: Super Armor Break (SAB) grants a player with the ability to break an opponents attack. If the SAB of player A's skill is greater than or equal to the SA of player B's skill, player A's skill will break player B's skill if player A's skill successfully hits player B. The SAB of multiple skills can be combined (stacked) to break an opponent's skill, assuming the skills successfully hit the opponent's skill before it finishes. This is known as SAB stacking."

      Also, a note to anyone who uses my site: I'm working on a spreadsheet that should have a good amount of the frame data for every skill I can find that'll only include the more important/interesting parts (thanks to Vahr). I'll try to have my tables on the website have the information as well, but I doubt it'll look well due to how limited WiX's tables are with handling a *lot* of information... Hopefully I'll have everything finished by the end of the month, but it's a lot to go through by myself. Not to mention there's an update coming that changes a few skills around right after the month ends... but yeah, just thought I'd put it out there x).

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    Are you aware of i-frame?