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will there be a reset scroll?

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  • will there be a reset scroll?

    just want to ask if there will be a reset scroll for those classes being affected by the ninja patch
    (crux to be specific)

    some skills went unto another tree
    and also there's a new awakening passive (divine breaker) that needs to be maxxed out at awakened.

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    luckily i haven't opened my 95 achievement box before, i just opened it after the patch.

    I just hope ED respond to this because i think more players (crus) opened their boxes ady.


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      and also class mastery 1 - lightning strike needs to be lvl 19


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        Ninja patch? Or another unintended patch like the early Lancea awakening release? Hehe.


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          Pretty sure this is an unintended skill boost for Crus (and Black Mara). Both boosts are due to be released during the next month's patch (GDN Reboot)

          P.S. You can actually use some skills even though you didnt meet the prerequisites. Like having Divine Breaker at 1, having learned Awakened Bless even though I didnt learn Conviction Aura. This more ensures that this is an unintended patch.
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            Hoping for another reset scroll as thanks to ED resetting every char skills last time
            I ended up a messy skill build on my lancea
            ~ Hurri can DANCE ~


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              i have 2 crusaders

              1st crusader
              - before patch i only have elemental aura, after the patch i got some extra skill points and used it to get conviction aura, sadly i only have 2 points and CAN'T get the awakening (Divine Blessing)

              2nd crusader
              -before patch i only have conviction aura, after the patch i got some extra points but i CAN'T get elemental aura even though i still have enough space for the paladin tree