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When soon will the Surprise Event Medea Details will be announced?

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  • When soon will the Surprise Event Medea Details will be announced?

    As stated in the topic title, will there be an approximate dates and times as to when will they release WHICH medea equipments, WHAT tier and the enhancement level will they distribute?

    CCing Tasha Mantou on this one.

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    I'm also waiting for that to plan ahead of which my characters are going to participate


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      Also planning of participating in this event if i find the medea equipment enhancement and tier surprisingly good (+20 Tier 2 LOL) but i doubt it would be what i am expecting...

      maybe its just plain +0 tier 1 medea gear, if i see that then there's no point in join this event, i would have rather grind in slayer mode to earn those enhancement hammers and try my luck, no money wasted except for electricity bills, my effort, and the time spent.


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        I think they will give a Tier 1 Medea +10


        • myon
          myon commented
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          If they're just going to give tier 1 medea +10, I'd rather want (if they'll give us) enhancement hammers or veteran powerstones or crafting mats that would make me able to enhance calypse tier 1 to +20

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        Tier 2 medea +20 is too much I supposed , tier 1 +20 is good enough


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          67k boxes ~, tier 2 cleared already, maybe medea 1 +0


          • atom100
            atom100 commented
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            waste of money if its true, any active characters already surpassed +10 tier 1 medea.

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          Tier 2 +10 would be a wow. Haha
          hoping for tier 2 + 20 tho. Ha Ha


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            I hope they will be generous on this one. I already broke countless-+19 +1**edeas my gold cri


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              Originally posted by Jirokun View Post
              I hope they will be generous on this one. I already broke countless-+19 +1**edeas my gold cri
              You got it to +19 and you still choose to risk it...
              1 step away to +20, just use hammer or jelly, pretty sure you could afford it from the amount you wasted risking and breaking your gears.


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                There is an anniversary event in DN KR right now. Basically if you clear 10 stages (dungeon,nest,etc) you will get 10 coins and if you spend 1000 korean won on cash shop (about 1 usd) you will get another 10 coin and gain a total max of 20 coin per day. This coin can be collected and use to exchange for tier 1 +20 medea (helm to shoes) for 20 coins and tier 1 +0 calypse (also helm to shoes) for 70 coins. I hope that Eyedentity at least give us +15 tier 1 medea since they are so generous towards KR server


                • Knee
                  Knee commented
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                  You can't compare it that way.
                  There's a difference in culture and market between us and KR.
                  In case you missed it, KR server got Geraint Necklace through event while we need to spend for it.

                • marinedoom3
                  marinedoom3 commented
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                  Yeah dude except we all have spend at least 10 boxes to reach the 60000 goal so it is not impossible if we receive tier 1 +20 medea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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                please reveal the medea tier2 +20 already, so i will know how many accounts i will full gear and uy tons of boxes, thanks
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