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Q: Regarding unclaimed Essence boxes.

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  • Q: Regarding unclaimed Essence boxes.

    Good Day,

    I was looking for an old thread regarding this matter, and seem can't find one.

    I just wanted to clarify if the unclaimed essence boxes from special storage will be removed from the special storage after May Patch (May 15,2018) even though the special storage says that these boxes will expire From may 18th and so on.

    The Essence Event Mechanics states that "4. Box of New Sun Essence that has not been claimed during the above period, will be removed from your special storage."
    Is this only applies to the unclaimed green boxes or applies to all boxes?

    I hope I could find answers to this.
    Thank you.

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    Base on my understanding, it only refers to the unclaimed green boxes.

    And even if you can still claim the other boxes(blue to l-grade) until May 18th, you won't be able to open it anymore after tomorrow's patch;
    because the essence will probably be removed from your inventory. Unless...those are the rewards from the unique box, and you're
    only up for saving the goblin coin.
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      All of them are Goblin coins once opened. Saving them up for hotspring.

      I hope someone from the admin could verify this query.


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        It's better to use the Golden Goblin right now and not waiting for an extra 50% for hot spring because of the Abundance Talisman nerf.

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        • Mr.Shovels
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          wow, this is old news, all unused abundance talisman pouch (1day) you got from guild sealed board will be spared and you can use it for your own advantage, they won't remove it.

          "Abundance talisman that you can get from Guild Board and Guild Nests is changed from 50% to 15%" this is what stated in the patch note, it did not claim that all unused abundance talisman pouch which does not have any expiration besides the talisman inside it when you open it.

          the crystal point store already is selling the 15% abundance talisman from before.

          other than that nothing is changed

        • Jakielyn
          Jakielyn commented
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          OK then.
          Just 1 of those Guild Sealed Board and wait till the Hot Spring(Wednesday(Drop Rate)) comes.
          Or don't consume 1 of the HS entrance after 12am Wednesday.
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        • Nimmienaticz
          Nimmienaticz commented
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          Lemme CLARIFY, as far as I know Old pouches' Abundance Talisman remains 50% as well as changed its Pouch Name to (Old Guild Pouch Lv.x) while the NEW one got 15% (Nerfed)

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        Someone please clarify this.
        According to the photo uploaded by Jojibee :

        "4. Box of New Sun Essence that has not been claimed during the above period, will be removed from your special storage."

        What I understood in this statement is, it will be removed only on your special storage, but not if claimed and it is in your inventory. These boxes refer to all boxes, if and only if, that the boxes are still in the special storage and not in your inventory.
        About the Essence of New Sun, what I understood here is that you can't obtain it anymore on nests indicated on its obtained location, but you will still have those essences on your inventory.

        But we still need clarifications from admins.
        Hope for your considerations, and have a great day.


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          I tried leaving one essence at special storage and luckily, it didn't bug expire.