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  • Hats of Memories Box 101

    Hi, I am here to discuss the Hats of Memories Box.

    There might be a few people interested and curious about it. So I will write a few things about it here.

    1. Hats acquired through this box cannot be placed in Server Storage.
    2. Hence, with number 1 and rule of thumb, cannot be Trade Warrantied. (Theoretically, cause I have no TW atm to test)
    3. Hats acquired through will NOT be able to be used as Costume Synthesis Materials. (Tested)
    4. Hats acquired through this box are NOT Magical Costume Design Synthesizable. (Tested)
    Based from experience, I opened 10 boxes.
    • 5 Bunny Hats
    • 1 Box Head Hat
    • 1 Magician Silk Hat
    • 1 Berry Berry Strawberry Hat
    • 1 Super Cute Puppy Hat
    • 1 Pink Rose Flower Crown (Got this on my 7th)

    I managed to acquire a few hats from this box, and if you are curious how they look here are a few:
    1. Black Magician Silk Hat
    2. Berry Berry Strawberry Hat
    3. Super Cute Puppy Hat
    4. Pretty Pink Rose Crown

    Recommendation and End Thoughts:

    The hat itself is only for aesthetic purposes. It is a very limited item which will not be helpful in game, unless you have conversion.

    Reader, I recommend you prioritize this box less if you are in a tight budget. You can focus your attention to the on-going Eye Gacha Event which will give you more benefits over your EYET.

    However, I an item of this box will make you happy, do pursue it!

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    Posted on GD for info. I am not sure if this will count as a guideline as well, hence GD.
    Lorallite (Windwalker)
    Athenalite (Avalanche) | Florailite (Adept)


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      nice~ thanks, but nothing interest me here..
      if these box come with baby animal's hat or national flag headband, then i might reconsider it.
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        R2G Hat please! HAHAH
        Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


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          The flower hat looks nice @_@


          • nvLite
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            oh my, that "but" @.@

          • nvLite
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            better get it bruh, it is 2018 ady, we accept you for who you are, regardless of your preference :') hahaha

          • SadisticEin
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            but I kinda prefer glasses more for him x'D