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Powerstones Server Storage-ability

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  • Powerstones Server Storage-ability

    At this point, it has become quite ridiculous and very un-professional of DN SEA team. The topic at hand, as per title of this thread, has been handled very poorly.

    Its been roughly 3-4 months since the topic at hand has been mentioned, and still no follow up. The problem is with how the situation is handled, rather than the feature not being implemented. If it is planned by the publishing team that the feature wont be implemented, I’d rather it being transparent so I can plan what I’d do with my powerstones.

    Again, for the n’th time, I’d like a clarification about the powerstones.
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    Q&A section please
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    • IcyMagi
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      I don't understand, looks like almost question should go to Q&A, so what should be in general discussion..............................???

    • Xenocho
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      I believe this is not a question but rather a thread to bring awareness regarding the issue stated.

    • [aL]
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      Im not asking any questions tho :sad:

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    "Modefied to Soon™"


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      can we store Guinness acc level 95? as for level 93?


      • nvLite
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        Hi! i think you meant L95 Genesis? If so, then yes.

        Also, your question seems not relevant to the thread. Please be mindful of this next time.