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  • Argenta Treasure Box

    Based on the latest event,

    Is it even worth to buy 200 boxes just for a free tail/decal/wing?

    200 boxes = 160,000 CC

    That's around $120.

    What are your thoughts? is it even worth buying based on value?

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    Sir before u bought 200 why not test ur luck first
    maybe u can get around 100 only for WTDN, so u can safe ur Cc/ moneh for another purpose ^^

    except u wanna sell some acc or aim something in that box u can buy that amount.
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    • Siegfreed
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      i know RNG is a big factor i'm merely asking if 200 boxes is worth for an extra tail/decal/wing based on it's value.

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    Offering my 2 cents.

    It heavily depends on your existing set of cash accessories. Surely it wouldnt be worth it for a player who already has cash costumes of similar/identical sets (aside from fashionistas)? If you're currently using magic grade accessories, purchasing 200 boxes gives you a good chance at at least 1 of the pieces (again no promises). En route to the free choice of 1 WTD from the event, you may net yourself the remaining pieces, which you can then use the event to select the last elusive piece.

    TLDR; it's only worth the purchase if its a significant upgrade from your existing accessories. Your judgment your call.


    • PancakeCo
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      You should take advantage of events when they pop up, which in this case, spend on argenta boxes; they hardly offer a 'guarantee' for accessories. My money's on 'no' for synthesis btw, it was cheap back then with the mass release of nabob costumes back in march's gacha event.

    • Siegfreed
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      this is very helpful, thank you. do you happen to have the info on the argenta items?

    • PancakeCo
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    You also have the option to buy the parts from other people instead using gold, it might be more expensive but if you have a bad streak in RNG this one's more practical. A single part of Argenta might be nice as a minimum for 200 boxes but I think you can buy 2-3 pieces or more of the set when other people sell their duplicates on TH.


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      Stat Comparison of W/T/D:

      Hero v2 Accessories Edge:
      • Critical Chance % (percent)
      • Higher Elemental %
      • Higher AP %
      • Higher Base Stat %

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      • PancakeCo
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        dont forget the weapons you may get from opening them.

      • Siegfreed
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        The possible rewards are tempting, but i've never been really good with RNG. loot boxes hate me

      • nvLite
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        Added Weapons.

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      I just wanna share my loot from 310 argenta box

      3 wings
      2 Spirit
      3 Decal

      Thats it. No necklace, No tail, no weapon coupons.

      I was aiming for the weapon coupons, but yeah none D:
      It was my first time buying box. I didn't know its that hard to get the weapon.
      I immediately regret my decision when i reach the last box and not even one weapon coupon.

      I m not gonna buy box anymore . I learned my lesson.



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        I haven't tried to spam more than 100+ but my friend said 'never gamble on these event items, just buy them and open when event is about end.'

        [Back then I am able to get my Loli an IONA Weapon from 30 boxes, Get Sadnyth W/T/D/N Set in just 60 boxes on last week of event]
        Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


        • ELpatron50
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          It is far worst if u open this Pandora's u get 1 S grade/Legendary grade gear/mount/pet items out of a 100 keys
          Lolita IONA is so far so good enough for you it is good enuf for sho !

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        Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin' is knowing what to throw away and
        knowing what to keep.
        This event Boxes sure opens up with some delightful goodies something trashy yet
        treasureable, helps U get that Nest levelling easier.

        WONDERFUL THEME PARK Store( Hero Synthesis)


        • BananaCredits
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          Wise Word from Wise Man

        • Nimmienaticz
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          I'm glad that he's back in his dnm business again.