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DailyBread Guild Fashion Nest Event [Voting Phase]

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  • PancakeCo
    [Fashion Nest Event]

    Dear Players,

    Congratulations to all winners!! We will contact you guys via mail shortly :smiley:

    Quick Recap:

    Golden Buzzer = 3 points
    No Buzzer = 1 point
    Red Buzzer = 0 points

    A total of 135 votes were cast. Special shout-out to Jèézus, Irine Chan and DN SEA Discord Mods/Ancients for assisting with the voting and closure phase.

    • Champion – 30,000cc [Yulgael]
    • Runner Up – 20,000cc [ChugJugg, Riiirii, FreedXMira]
    • 3rd Place – 10,000cc [xSunShine2]
    • 4th - 10th Place – 2,500g
    Qxuu & Severros
    Stellarist, LucyHail, Vreike

    We sincerely appreciate the effort of all who participated. We look forward to more wonderful events ahead.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    GM Bear | GM Shoop
    of DailyBread

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  • Dreamcatcher
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you for the support <3

  • jantz23
    Cute event.. hahaha :3

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  • 12ChopChop
    commented on 's reply
    Dreamcatcher I can see it now. Thanks

  • Dreamcatcher
    commented on 's reply
    Hello, you need to login your gmail to be able to vote. Are you still having difficulties viewing the submissions?

  • 12ChopChop
    Its 17th December 4:05pm now. Can't see any pics o.o

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  • PancakeCo
    started a topic DailyBread Guild Fashion Nest Event [Voting Phase]

    DailyBread Guild Fashion Nest Event [Voting Phase]

    [Fashion nest Event]
    [Voting Phase]

    Dear all!!!

    DailyBread Guild had organised a Fashion Nest Event for our peeps and what's left are your votes! You guys will decide our winner!

    [Voting Period]
    16th December 1630hrs - 21st December 2359hrs

    [Lucky Draw]

    This is an added bonus for all voters! At the end of the voting form, there will be a section for you to insert your IGN for a Lucky Draw! 3 Lucky Numbers will be selected based on unique voting entries and walk away with 2,000g each!

    We will contact you in game via mail. If your IGN contains variants of 'i' as in eye or 'l' as in ell, do specify accordingly in the response box


    Thank you for your time!

    Kind Regards,
    Bear | Shoop of DailyBread Guild
    Comic Panel Credits:
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