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"World Remaster" or "Prepare to Die" Edition?

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  • "World Remaster" or "Prepare to Die" Edition?

    Heeeey! Just wondering what your thoughts on the current update. Do you guys think the devs being passive-aggressive with this "Remaster"?
    They increased the damage of boss monsters in nests and dungeons by several folds probably forcing or encouraging people to dodge everything PERFECTLY. Especially, the stomps.. Not only that but they increased the repair fees with different conditions like dying or getting hit. So, most people in higher dungeons and nests are probably losing more gold than they earn. Especially, the tanks.. oh yes.. they basically pay for doing their jobs. Probably more in FDN. LOL

    On a different topic: they fixed the PROF K Reactor Mech Bug/Feature where you can kill him immediately by blowing him up instead of the reactors.. that's good and all but in doing so, I think they missed another bug.. or Is it another feature? During my run I was doing this mech, things were going fine and I blew up 2 reactors with 1 left.. but when I got close to it, the bomb won't blow it up! It doesn't work! Maybe it's worth to mention that I got hit by the laser during that but the second time I tried, it still didn't blow up! (Maybe it's a bug or maybe they're just getting back at us for the long while we've been blowing up PROF K. HAHA).

    On a more "personal" topic: Hey Developers.. There's still a buncha bugs in the main class I'm using Dark Avenger. Dark Crash bugs are still there and are still ever so annoying. Like the disappearing act that happens after the charge where your character poofs out of existence and VEEEEEEEERY SLOWLY descends.. the boss is gone by the time I hit the floor. Also, let's not miss that little tiny bit of bug that is more annoying than anything.. When Dark Crash is executed fine.. but there is no damage or there's a delay.. some bosses just become immune to Dark Crash all of a sudden like the Manticore just to name a few.. and even though, people might say. "Ehh, you can just try again.. maybe it'll work" or "You should wait for the damage to pop-up before doing anything". Sure, but might I say that Dark Avenger is very reliant on Dark Crash as its main damage dealer. So, if you ever miss even one then you lose a whooole lot of damage.. and If you stand still and wait for the damage to pop-up every time you use Dark Crash just to keep adjusting to this old "feature" then you'd be wide open for some butt f*cking revenge with the monster's damage output in this current "GIT GUD" type of play style.

    Anyway, I think that's long enough of a rant. How bout you guys? What are your thoughts, suggestions, violent reactions regarding the new update?

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    *laughs in Destroyer* I don't FDN anyway. 30m hp here. What damage?

    General nesting tho, just do a lower level for now so u kill faster than u get killed. We all gotta adapt somehow.


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      I had a guildmate that uses a loli and says that Alfredo got smacked by the 1st stage boss in ABN and dies instantly. He says his Alfredo has 70m HP. I dunno how that happened. LOL I think some of the bosses' skill damage are based on percentage rather than raw damage. So, it might not matter if you have 10m or 100m HP. It's gonna get trimmed.

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    My first though is that we definitely more rant post on the forum, let flood here with rant posts.

    Tanks are still very rare in current situation, especially in FDN. With such a high DPS requirement, you cant afford to waste one DPS slot just for putting a tank in there. Unlike old raids, most of the boss skills actually are not affected by the aggro and therefore, all skills are focused randomly to all the teammates, or being a big AOE skills like stomps which aggro doesnt helps. So might as well let all the teammates polish their skills to avoid as much damage as possible, pumping up defense with minimal reduction in damages, and save up the tank slot for a DPS or for service client.

    Bug wise I believe all classes has it. Ripper, my main class for example, always had the same bug for years. One of them Crippling Punisher, our ulti and main DPS skill, would bug if (1) internet lagged for a while, the buff delayed for more than 1-2 sec then it will forget itself and doesnt take effect, or (2) you are not in the right standing or running pose, such as just landed after a jump, using Izuna Drop, just got knocked back by boss, etc. We all has our own class frustration, although some might be less significant than others. I had DA as well as my subs, and I know.

    Last but not least, thanks for the sad info about the PKN reactor bug. No more bonus stage in FM.
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      Yeah, I can get by when damage don't appear sometimes because I can say to myself that it only happens on certain bosses but when this other bug happens I lose my cool. It takes so long for Dark Crash to come crashing down, the boss can have a cup of tea and read the morning paper before I hit the ground. Like, it happened to me during the Croc's laser mech in Volcano Nest's 3rd stage when I was trying to sneak in some DPS as he does the mech and voilĂ ! This thing happened. It just happens at random times and it's the most annoying thing because it can get you killed. So, yeah.. I died coz I failed the mech so I had to pay a repair fee. LOL

      P.S I hope you don't encounter the new replacement bug in PKN reactor mech. HAHA

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    What the hell is happening to DN do you really want to lose all players in dragon nest SEA. Answer GM's is this just a BUG or your selfish way to ungeared players.


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      This "patch" is completely mental.

      Things that needed to be patched weren't patched (e.g: Disconnecting if you sort your items and sell at the same time through right clicking), things that needed to be implemented weren't implemented (e.g: Allowing players to reconnect after disconnecting in dungeons), and things that didn't need to be implemented were implemented (e.g: The fucking repair fee).

      In an unrelated note, the forums seriously needs to stop having the mentality of accepting sub-par results just because it's a F2P or it's been around for a long time. It makes ED complacent and gives them leeway to do stupid shit like this. I am with Banana. The more we speak out, the louder we'll be heard (or so I hope that's the case but previous experiences tell me otherwise).
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        More like Dragon Nest : Dark Soul Edition


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          I actually kind of like this update--at least for dungeons X3

          See it can be somewhat fun LOL

          Before update:
          Originally posted by ParadoxOmega View Post
          The primary issue I have with this game after playing for a week or two is this: TOO EASY! I'm NOT A BABY!
          Master difficulty is usually a joke, and the game won't let me go ahead to next area because I'm "not strong enough" (level too low)
          Everything before level 95 is a joke and it forces you to level up before you can access anything that might be a challenge.

          every dungeon should have many more difficulty ranges: easy, normal, hard, master, grandmaster, abyss.
          abyss difficulty should be the 95 version of every dungeon (yes, every dungeon should have a 95 version)

          easy 1x (for toddlers that enjoy current difficulty of master)
          normal 2x (slightly harder than current master)
          hard should be 3x or higher of current master.
          master should be 5x-10x current master.
          grandmaster 25x current master.
          abyss scale everything into 95 range.

          XP scale:
          easy 1x
          normal 1.5x
          hard 2x
          master 3x
          grandmaster 4x
          abyss heroXP

          additionally, the level requirements to proceed to next areas should be reduced, and the difficulty modes of all except abyss should be available as soon as arriving to that zone.
          "Recommended level 70" should not mean "REQUIRED LEVEL 70"... Let me fukin suicide if that is what will happen there, stop treating me like a baby stuck in easy mode.

          XP gain should be amplified for higher difficulty by enough to prevent leveling a character being a grind when it is too easy on the hardest mode in the hardest area. How is it that I can go to the most difficult option at any area and find it to be amazingly easy and it still takes forever to level up enough to go to the next area? At all stages of the game people should find at least one option that is too difficult for them, leaving desire to become stronger. Currently the game is so mind numbingly easy for the first 90 levels the only motivation would be to get to the end-game, so all your focus is on leveling up as fast as possible and the game won't even allow you to go ahead to dungeons that might give some tiny challenge, you are stuck in easy mode for the majority of the game. Seriously WTF? I remember a long time ago when I played this game it had some challenges along the way to level cap but now everything before 95 is easy mode, WHY IS EVERYTHING EASY MODE?

          please add higher difficulty options for dungeons that allow good players to progress XP faster and offer them some challenge.
          please also add abyss difficulty to all dungeons so we don't just do the same 5 ones over and over again.
          please play dark souls at least 1 time ever and tell me what is wrong with Dragon Nest 1~94 in comparison.
          After update:
          Originally posted by SlayerUII
          The worst update , it's so hard to get level up the dungeons are so op and no more exp after killing mobs, i think newcomers will not endure this kinda dungeon!
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            I mean, the "difficulty" is tolerable.. it's the things you have to pay for messing up or getting disconnected that is not. Just yesterday I crashed in an STS dungeon and had to pay 128 gold for the repairs at the end when I got back. I got disconnected twice in a Maze Run (dc and crash error) so I had to pay a total of 308 gold and lost 600 FTG in an instant. LOL Even Dark Souls allows you to get your souls back if you done f'ed it up. DN is just punishing me for things I can't control.
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          Originally posted by Illusie View Post
          I actually kind of like this update--at least for dungeons X3

          See it can be somewhat fun LOL

          Before update:

          After update:

          The update is fine but the damage/difficulty scaling, as per usual, just grows out of left field. I'd say introduce more difficulty farther out LB-11 and use that to evenly spread out the increase of HP/Damage the mobs get buffed on. I suspect ED just implemented an increase for all dungeons (depending on the difficulty) and disregarded looking at it one by one. It's a quick and good solution but definitely could be better.