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    Haven't anyone noticed that Fission Maze has gotten a little harder in the past few updates? I think they sneak some few adjustments coz before I can easily 1 hit them. now I have to try a little harder considering I have upgrade my equips. Considering that I you DIE you are in for a big SURPRISE in repair fee. I do my runs on HARD mode btw for fast runs no need to go higher level.

    And just right now have been DC'ed 3x already imagine the repair cost. 40g is not even enough to repair.
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    Casually run LB33 everyday here. Except for the Dark Soul patch before, I dont really feel any exceptional harder.
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      As a guy who runs them on LB-05 daily, I didn't feel any changes at all.

      Perhaps it's your character that had some minor changes rather than the dungeon itself?


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        Oh, I think I feel this too. As a solo run Saint, I can feel the different clearly Before and After latest Maintenance. Need a bit longer than usual to kos each boss at lab 25.
        Before, I can kos most slow movement boss in 1 Holy burst after all relics are placed around the boss. But after maintenance need more additional skills to kill them.
        Or it's just random dps drop bug?
        Because sometimes I'm still able to kos it in 1 Holy Burst.
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