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Machina Fanart Contest Photo Most Like Still Lose

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  • Machina Fanart Contest Photo Most Like Still Lose

    I know the rules is like this:

    - The number of Likes will be considered into the winner selection, but the ultimate selection will be based on GM’s choice.

    GM should considered the most like artwork winning first thennnnn the other is base on GM choice... Butttt 2 or 3 or 4 contestant highest most like still not count... this is so GG rules... We are tired of promoting people to like our artwork then get nothing. GG

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    +1 to this. Since everyone exerted some efforts to finish the artworks. GM should also considered the number of likes, since its not easy to gain and promote artworks to be liked in this forum. They should add 5 more slots for the top 5 most liked artworks.
    "ARCHER by heart WINDWALKER by choice."


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      This sounds more like salt and butthurt than actual criticism to the results to me.

      Why the hell would the GM base their decision on the number of likes rather than their own list of criteria's (Which is within the judges themselves). They clearly stated that the ultimate and final decision is up to the GM's and never once said the number of likes is the defining factor of winning (They said it will be considered but we don't know the weight of it). I don't know if you guys understand how art contests work, but just because your shit gets a lot of likes (Which most can be easily gained), it doesn't exactly make it the deciding factor that it's objectively great.

      Suck it up and move on.
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        Just because you have more likes doesn't mean you will win. By submitting your art entry, you must have read and understand the rules and regulations. Have to agree with GlassShard. Tips: Don't have high expectations, you will regret it


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          That's why i just doodle some owo-stuffs and didn't gave off all my efforts.

          PS. this is just a lesson.
          PS#2. I won on the last art contest with likes last time, but I don't feel like I won.
          Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.