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I know this is kind of stupid, but i have to ask this no matter what.

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  • I know this is kind of stupid, but i have to ask this no matter what.

    So recently Dragon Nest in my country is closing, some of you here might know which one is it, but for those who doesn't know it's Indonesia. So i got a pretty decent character there, and to be honest they are relevant to my life since those were the characters that made me and my girlfriend close and still going right now. The only reason why i play the Indonesian server rather than SEA is because my friends played there and now they're all gone. Now i became a lone guild master that consist of 12ish character of my own and several of my GF's chara and many offline veterans of the game. I showed dedication to the game since again, it is really some part that helps me cope with high school stress.

    I already make an account here in SEA and my question, after the long intro is: Is it possible in the future that Eyedentity will go and help transfer the accounts of several thousands of players from INA server?

    Sincerly, a kinda new person in the SEA environment. I hope we meet in game and be good friends there!

    P.S. i actually got an old account when Cherry Credits are in charge, but i miss the transfer chance so yeah.

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    Let me try to get you a picture of what the current DN SEA database is.

    It's a copy of the Cherry Credit's DB state from the time it closed down to the point where it migrated to ED. This is why we still find existing characters that were created in Cherry Credits era but were not re-activated during the transfer.

    Now think about it, that your character was created on a non-Cherry Credits DB. ED would definitely not re-create your account just to transfer your current state and just copy paste its settings, attributes, gear, and such to the DN SEA database. This entails a lot of work and definitely will be costly given the thousands of players who will ask for the same thing. It's not as easy as "copy pasting" the entire DB and make it run again on the new server.

    For a server to thrive beyond the lease of a game publisher that was not renewed, ED needs to figure out if the server is still profitable after the withdrawal of the game publisher that hosts the current server. And for that matter, ED may have backed out because the other end (the retiring game publisher) may have not provided enough leeway for ED to jump in on the deal.

    I could cite some examples, but the best evidence that I could provide was that CC was doing last minute up-to-250,000CC - multi-tier rewards month after month, to the point that everyone was already complaining. Everyone else was thinking, CC was lining up it pockets for the big let-go. But I theorize that it was meant to fund the legal transition of the server to ED. ED didn't have to spend much but just just jump in and manage the new set up.

    For INA server, the transition model would probably be the same, however, (please correct me if I'm wrong), there was probably not enough fund-raising to fund the transition to a new server.
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      This is actually very interesting, because i do see that kind of thing in my server in the last few months, or even almost a year. my publisher (gemscool) had the same case, but many people thought that gemscool only think of the money rather than the content of the game etc. As for the funding, i could say that it's probably sufficient we had to spend around 300.000 G-Cash (same as 300.000CC) in order to get like rewards (if i get what you meant by multi-tier reward) and i've seen it for a year, let's say that like a minimum of 10 person would do that every month for a year it would be sufficient i guess. It really is screwed to see that they just make a huge event just for those who pay, but if what you said is correct, it means that, probably, DN INA would be transferred to ED same as DN SEA (cmiiw).

      Thanks for the big mind opener sir! and yeah to think how many people would actually have the same exact character names too will be hard to transfer and solve that problem, except we would be able to change our character names in the future.


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        SEA server isn't for soft-heart-ed players.
        Toxicity level here is kinda high, but these stuffs are kinda tolerable if you don't take it seriously.

        For now, I suggest that just play and ignore the possible noise & racism towards every player.
        Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


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          Well i am sure i've faced a lot more toxicity from other games i played across SEA region (DOTA and CSGO). I know the usual suspect who are racist and all, and on behalf of Indonesian community i am also sorry for what our people did there if there's any unpleasant things.

          Toxicity around SEA Region is not a new thing and the first thing i saw on the Blue Bird Message yesterday was about racism, and well i kinda feel just fine with it lol.


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            Originally posted by Nimmienaticz View Post
            SEA server isn't for soft-heart-ed players.
            and yeah when you said soft-hearted if there's too many toxic person i might as well try to be the less toxic ones. I mean everything has to start somewhere, SEA can also be less toxic if you start being untoxic to everyone #smileyface


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              Toxicity is only dangerous and annoying when you care about them. Just ignore them, or rather watch them as if they are enclosed animals in zoo and you get to watch them free-of-charge. Try be geared and carry their weak asses, and you will find that they will never racist toward anybody that could benefits them, typical human.
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                Hahaha yeah those are such a typical human traits. I used to be ungeared back in the INA server for a quite long time and the difference in attitude towards those who are geared and less-geared are massive. But i manage to came up top too, and yeah people starts to change their attitude towards me a bit


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                  So let me give you another story about why does my server is closing, well at least as far as i experienced. So a few years back, i had a Velskud costume set, and many others in my other characters. But somehow, all my characters ID and Pass are leaked by someone probably from the Inside, the thing is i always played Dragon Nest from my own laptop and i always scan for malware and stuff, i even had a second password which only me and my girl knows. I lost a fortune there and i kinda gave up on them since then, how could they leak their users credentials?? it's so damn despicable!!

                  That's why since that accident, people start leaving Dragon Nest. Envy is a sin which could destroy things as big as a Publisher of a game.


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                    I remember this incident, all the way from SEA. I think about 60% of population is lost?

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                  BananaCredits Yea around that, imagine having a crowded 4 servers to a normal and fair 4 server. It's stupid decision everyone would ever make in life, it doesn't worth shit to leak user credentials, well money wise it does worth something. but the gold currency is kinda slowly deflates since not many people play anymore and tends to sell all the gold they have because they know it's going to go down one day