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    Hellow again, sorry for bothering all of you heroes I would like to ask something about sub class,

    I was thinking it's time for me to create a sub class cuz it's to hard to farm in just one class alone, so I would like you good advice again to what class is best

    my option is archer SH or Sniper

    Thank you so much
    God bless and cheers

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    Oftentimes, like for most people starting out your 2nd sub class should be a class with the least amount of gear hunting to stay just as good as your main. If you play an Agi-based character then play another sub class of similar base. In that way you only have to transfer jades.

    Other schools of thought would be a complete opposite of the gearing and jade choices so as to minimize transferring. E.g Int class like SH or Artillery ... if you were using Sniper/Acrobat variants
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      Good day Sire lancelot, thank you for the fast respones,

      My main is bleed phantom, NOT FULLY BUILT YET,
      I created bowmaster aiming for sniper, but I got amaze on SH mobility, but if dmge wise which is the best choice?


      • launcelot
        launcelot commented
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        My personal thoughts on damage, I have no comment. A character's raw potential is enhanced further with gears and cash-shop items that render analysis of the said character near irrelevant. By saying that you were looking for a "sub" class, you may mean that the gearing priority is far less than your current main, which fairly limits your choices of what you can give to your sub.

        On that pretext, I believe any character will do as long as it does not overpower your main as well. The type that will make you fully abandon your current main.

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      Sorry if this is out-of-context.. but what kind of farm that required 2nd character?
      I just returned after a long hiatus.. not very sure how to farm nowadays lol

      is BST (Blood Sweat Tears) combined? can I farm using my sub-characte? my main needed a lot of points for BST Shop stuffs lol
      also, is that Red Lotus Palace Crown account-storageable or something? (haven't gone to Red Lotus Palace yet, don't know what the crown used for.. is the item the crown used for can be account-storageable?)



      • XMayZ
        XMayZ commented
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        BST is not combined between characters. As far as i know, BST reward is one of the way to generate income for this new patch considering it gives you ton of points and decent amount of gold. For that lotus crown, it is used to enhance mirage jade and it is not account-storageable.

      • xForgetty
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        thanks XMayZ!

      • atom100
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        Gone were the days doing daily tasks for gold,no gold rewards for weekly tasks and it's per account basis now.

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      Sorry the late reply been busy at school,

      so it means pumping up elem % increase the damge of elem attack.

      About this main quest it is recommended to finish it till 95?

      I just created a sub char flurry, I got confuse why everytime I cast a skill my FTG drops can someone help me with this,

      Again Thank you so much