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Anyone got a problem entering portals?

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  • Anyone got a problem entering portals?

    Today i got a problem entering portals idk why but everytime i go to either anu arendel or any portal the game stucks and it looks like i got a disconnect. And after i wanted to go log in again it says Duplicate login/double login. anyone experienced the same thing?

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    I've had this problem since forever. I thought it was my connection problem, but one time I got so frustrated after 3rd consecutive portal disconnection and just asked my friend to summon me from inside and it worked just fine. So I guess the problem is at the portal itself.
    Waiting for a couple of minutes before entering the portal again also solves the problem for me, but sometimes I just don't have the patience xD


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      Hope it's not just me and you.. Portal somehow triggers disconnection idk why. It happened to me just today i hope they fix it fast or they gave us the solution. Thanks!


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        i used to get this prob whenever i tried to play using non SEA ip addresses, only can AFK in town
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          This normally happens when there are too many cash items showing on your character (Costume, wings, tails, decals, mount etc.). It takes time to render the next stage and sometimes the game just decides to boot you out.