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  • Female Cleric Mission Box

    Hello guys.

    Does anyone know how the Female Cleric Costume looks like? I wanted to know so I can decide which cleric is gonna have it.

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    As i remember the patch says that the costume can be transferred to other acc thru the server storage, so use any cleric u r comfortable playing it


    • Skyros
      Skyros commented
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      Unless ED does a ninja change sh*t like the Prepared Jade fiasco.

    • atom100
      atom100 commented
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      That's what they said in academic male costume and it is character bound once you open the box. anyway not interested in female cleric costume since the only cleric I have is AH I rarely play.

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    She looks cold and hot xD


    • marzial09
      marzial09 commented
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      ara ara intensifies*

    • M26
      M26 commented
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      im pretty sure its epic same stats of Male academic.. of course it has weapon too..

    • Velerlis
      Velerlis commented
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      Yes, it has. I wonder about the type. It looks like a wand but it also might be a mace...

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    Hi! Currently on female cleric mission box 2 - clear 12 daily tasks. Do u guys have a list of daily tasks that needs to be done? I did a few bulletin board quests and only one qualifies for the daily tasks. Thanks in advance!


    • WolfLover
      WolfLover commented
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      Daily Task is different from doing BST (One of the daily task is about doing 1 mission from the BST board)

      You can check your Daily Tasks by pressing Event(V)->Task List

    • burnadeath92
      burnadeath92 commented
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      Thank you so much!!!!!! I'm kinda new to this so I haven't fully remember all of the important navigations.

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    So i just got my cleric costume and it cannot be trf to other chara

    pissed off af rn but well at least the one who got that was the most geared one so it's fine i guess