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Eye Please Fix this Female Costume :)

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  • Eye Please Fix this Female Costume :)

    I believe that i am not blind and i am capable of reading, and i believe you guys are the same

    But why is the female costume can't be transferred using the server storage? You guys literally said that we can use the server storage but not tradable in ur revised patch ED
    Please do fix this if you guys are making some mistake, Thanks!

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    HI, I think you are confused. They did not mention anything about the costume being ss-able.

    The Costume Box, the box containing the costume, is server storage-able.
    However, once you opened the box, the items are char bound.

    A similar case was highlighted during the Academic transform box.

    PS: I am not a staff, just clarifying what is in the patchnotes.
    Lorallite (Windwalker)


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      My god... yeah the box is the one transferable

      Ok then my bad this one


      • Velerlis
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        10 symbols - lol, injector, seems like a reference to a Phys

      • clawjack
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        close too that but it's a long wand

      • Kgy97
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        Either wand or mace
        But yeah too long, but i aint complainin tho, the stats are great but the skill up is random, hope u guys got what u need