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  • blue green titles

    good day people of lagendia!

    can i ask how can i get those blue greened colored titles?
    like the "entitled' and that "jawbreaker?"

    how many are there around?
    i'd like to collect them

    thanks in advance

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    You can get Entitled for free by collecting certain amount of titles, can check it in title tab. Some green titles are collected from events, like the Smol, cute & portable title, it was from dn guild event. Not sure about the jawbreaker though :3


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      There are generally 3 methods/events that I know.

      1. Hero title level. You will obtained a coloured one for each level. E.g. EnTitled (level 1), Weakest of the Four (level 2).

      2. Title collection progress. You will get also unique title from the number of title collections you had collected. E.g. Proficient Collector at 15 collections done.

      3. Limited events. Some past events such as the Guild event and also the Mission Drill event held last 2 months ago gives some server unique titles.
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        i'm currently at level 2, but somehow i dont have the Entitled title xD

        i think the hero title was updated/patched last june or may
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          sad ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:'(

        • stylinx
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          does this mean that its all combined titles from all the characters?

        • Knee
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          Yup, all the titles will only be counted once for the whole account.