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  • 2Nd Aniv Coin Store

    who is in here not already change 2Nd Aniv Coin Just Like Meeeeeeeeeeeee !!
    Please Up This Post , Hopefully GM/Staff/Admin Will Give Us A Chance To Change Our 2Nd Coin , I Mean Its Gone Already Without Warning Or Notice Daaamn

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    Lol i think that's your fault for not spending before event was over


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      True, they didnt say when is the event end but I still keep in my storage anyway xD


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        since from the start they give notice when will the event will end, event start from to ----etc.etc.. until October patch. every month they change /end any event for the previous month. or hope they have extended event for that
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          well during Kang's era they lets the shop open for another 1-2 months for big event..
          the weird thing it why crazy duck cap80 still there? from 4th anniversary event
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          • clawjack
            clawjack commented
            Editing a comment
            yeah they still not removed because they don't know where to delete. If they get wrong deleting process more will show up