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Critical stat + Plate crit option

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  • Critical stat + Plate crit option

    just want to make sure, I have a capped (max) critical rate of 89% and saw a plate skill that would increase 30% critical rate for that skill upon casting would 89%+30% = 119%? or still 89% .. don't have any idea what is the formula or the right computation.
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    i think, this case plate increase 30% for pvp


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      Plate skill that add 30% critical? I didnt know that, mind sharing?

      Also, critical cap is always at 89%, no matter u have extra buff, skill, anything. You wont get more than this.
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      • Skyros
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        I think he/she mentions about the '30% increase in Critical effect' on certain Dancer and/or Launcher skills. I can't remember others correctly such effects in skills from the Dancer and Launcher trees

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      yes Skyros is correct I'm impactor all main skill plate has 2 option Inc damaged or increase crit rate 30% of that skill btw one more question about Intense Shock (L-Buster +special attack will activate intense shock) if I will take 59% crit on stat and use L-Buster plate 30% it will be 89% does this 89% will affect the intense shock? or just the L buster will benefit on 89% and intense shock will depend on 59%.. BTW intense shock is a special effect of EX skill the thing that uses Bubbles .
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