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Ninja Patch on Darkness Weapon Coupon

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  • Ninja Patch on Darkness Weapon Coupon

    In the past, you can apply seal stamp to make the coupon trade-able. But now, they removed the ability to trade it, except if you happen to put the coupon in server storage or guild storage where it became immune by the "binds when obtained" patch. Darn, they should have at least put in some warning before they've done that so that people had the chance to move the coupon to the right character they wished to used it to. Why you do this sneaky move ED?! Not fair!!

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    idk which universe u talking about, never heard of cash items sealed using seal stamp. but ok i wish it was like that.
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      you must be playing different version of DN, cash item cannot be seal-stamped.
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        It is tradeable if you were able to seal it prior to the ninja move. The weapon, in its coupon form is in the normal inventory (not cash-inventory). It used to be sealable as it had TH:1. But now, they removed that TH:1, leaving only those that were sealed prior to the ninja-patch the only ones tradeable now. In fact, you can also check the TH and see that there are still people selling it. I only discovered now that the coupon can no longer be moved.


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          Most likely this is a 'bug' that got fixed as normally, Weapon Coupons are character bound and are Cash Items.

          But yeah, dick move