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red lotus maze floors

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  • red lotus maze floors

    Is there an end to red lotus maze or final boss, or does it just keep going?
    furthest i went to is 3rd floor boss but time ran out

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    i went to 3rd boss, i think it was guardian fell but i couldnt find any way through and stayed for 5 mins inside the maze doing nothing until time ran out


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      As far as i know, there is really no end floor but just endlessly run until times out. There is also people who reached floor 5 and the maze is still going on.
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        floor 5 @@, must be lucky in getting really good accessories in the first minutes, (black hole generator ring maybe cos it can kill a boss in less than 10 secs)

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        yes black hole ring, that shit is broken af

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      The farthest my partner and I got to with casual exploring was 4th floor. The stage ended with 10% left on the bosses health. So, I don't think there's an end to the maze, it's just going to end as the time runs out.