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  • Catastrophe Leaver

    Didnt your guys meet some player will leave Catastrophe mission and joined back at boss fight?

    Because i meet multiple time already.
    At first i didnt realize and think that was disconnect, but sooner the "accident" happened many times.
    Sometime a week i will meet 3- 4 times people " disconnected" and joined in time at boss fight.

    really bad gaming experience when meet some player like this.

    today i meet the guys like this and parties decided to leave the Catastrophe mission and do the mission after to prevent this "incident"

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    Sadly these type of people does exist.
    I just leave the pt and find another when people conveniently "dc" right at the start.


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      Not all are intentionally dc because lazy , many are because of poor connection , it sometimes happen to me , blackscreen . specially those loading like forever . well its obvious its intentional if just few seconds dc.


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        Maybe U over thinking about this, how's the DCer estimate the time the party reach the BOSS stage in order to reconnect on the right time?

        Catastrophe Run can be ranged from 5mins to 8+mins tho, if he intentionally dc don’t he also take the risk of the party already end the run when he miss calculate?

        Dont leave the party if u just saw 1 guy DC from the party, ur selfish action sacrified the another 2 innocent player's time, 3man is enough for a Catastrophe Run.

        I highly suggest player who not DC but hit the leave button directly should get a 30mins penalty for their irresponsible action.

        So let me finalize my point below:
        1. People just DC (without any intention)
        2. U just unlucky
        3. Game Leaving is a bad gaming attitude.
        4. Leaver should get penalty or go to HELL.

        Thanks & Regards.
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        • MI89
          MI89 commented
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          Quite true.....people suffering for wasting time on Cata..and they just joined back in boss fight like nothing happened( excluded for people accident DC since we know how sad sometime DNS server will keep DC sometime ).....and get all those reward...