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    In reference to the new patch update, community we need to decide if we should follow the approach of other servers for this content.

    If you experience the new content, it is quite time consuming for the rewards vs the time spent on the content.
    Additionally most of use do not have much game time to spend a lot of time with participation reward.

    In other servers, the community made a consensus in which RED TEAM will always lose/surrender to save everyone's time.

    if every match, the red team surrender and every player has 50 / 50 chance to be in either blue or red team in the end of the day most whoever in which team will get pretty equal rare / magic item first match you in red team, you surrender, second match you in blue team now and repeat.

    It is time to decide for our end.

    This poll will end on June 6 00:00AM

    The poll is expired.

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    Forum Dead


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      The absurd amount of certificates needed:

      you will need a total of 3 winning certificates to get “Step 1”, another 21 winning certificates to get “Step 4” and another 45 certificates to get “Step 7”. You will need the high grade evolver which is 4% chance to obtain from a 2 winning certificate pouch so on average luck you will need 75x2 = 150 more winning certificates to finish up “Step 10”.

      A total of 3+21+45+150 = 229 winning certificates to complete your plate.

      Considering a 50% win rate. You will need to play win 164 and lose 164 rounds = 164 winning certificates +328 losing certificate (to exchange for 65 winning certificates. And each of this tryhard battles will take average 15 minutes of your time that you need to concentrate, this adds up to a no-life battle of almost 60 hours (every single day 8pm to 12am non-stop 4 hours of gameplay for almost 3 weeks.)

      Other servers such as kDN, cDN and twDN which has this patch before us had come up with a much more efficient method to farm this plate without having the players to play so hard but instead relax and still finish the plate in 1 week or less (the fastest record they finish the plate was 3 days). But for this method to work, the whole server (or at least 2/3 of the server) must cooperate and work together.

      Our grand plan and why is it better:
      The community agreed that the blue team will always win by default and the red team member should always surrender by 5 minute to save time. You will end up having a 50/50 chance of winning or losing in the long run. Even if you are the most unlucky person in DN and always inside the red team with 0% win rate every single round you will be surprised to see that you will still get more tickets than playing normally because each round is so much faster now (1 round is 5 minutes of slacking instead of 15-20 minutes of hardcore playing). The calculations are as follows:

      1.Play normally and don’t cooperate (50% win rate): 1 hour 3-4 rounds = 1-2 winning certificates
      2.Cooperate as per plan (50% win rate): 1 hour 10-12 rounds = 6-7 winning certificates
      3.Cooperate as per plan (0% win rate) :1 hour 10-12 rounds = 10 losing = 2 winning certificate

      While waiting for the 5 min, both teams can just chitchat or afk and relax. Even if there’s one or two monkeys from the red team who doesn’t want to follow the rule, he will simply still lose because he will be 1v6 and the rest of his team will still surrender and he will still lose even if the whole blue team is afk.

      The choice is yours (1) play normally or (2) cooperate as a server as planned:
      1.The need to concentrate and tryhard play for 4 hours every single day non-stop for 3 weeks
      2.To relax and afk and surrender or wait for win every 5 minute for around 1 week.

      How about those who really want to PVP?
      For those people who want to really play this properly and enjoy quality matches for fun, they can consider creating a room in Colosseum and play amongst other equally good PVP players instead of queuing and killing afk PVE players trying to farm their plate for PVE contents.
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        Credit to Zhenghui from Eden

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      Too bad they didn't bother to fix able to equip fellowship heraldry on 3 extra slots and add another type of fellowship heraldry.


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        mek bluu suwendar insted


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          I appreciate that dev wanted to make the game becoming more variety to play
          but IMO that this PvEvP better be disabled for SEA server or at least stay at colloseum only with only medal drop
          its unpleasant for both PvP and PVE player side
          PVE players don't really want to involve much to PVP game yet need PVE drop content, not to mention its grindy af forcing PVE player going to PVP
          PVP players don't like about this rule and just want to be fun
          its just a clash between different playstyle community

          prob just make another way for that plate to be dropped


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            I agree with the sentiment. What I don't understand is why even implement an event that rewards a plate which is obviously catered for PVE use in a PVP setting. These devs are out of touch with their community to be honest. If you're going to implement something, make it like DB or SHD where you don't have to waste your precious time doing something you don't like at the mercy of strangers online who wanted to PVP.
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              And then PVP players get even more toxic when PVE player that has 0% interest in PVP dont do PVP with them

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            Click image for larger version

Name:	unknown.png
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ID:	169111

            Exhibit A: We present Maths. At a 30 mins run time considering you every time go to Red Team and a Regular Run is only 15mins (Not 20 mins)

            You gain more benefit running 30 mins with this strategy, than running 2 regular runs that ends up a loss.
            The more time you spend, the more you gain with the community strategy.

            At 1 hour mark: Community Strategy will be 12 where as Regular Run is only 4.
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              Click image for larger version  Name:	unknown.png Views:	1 Size:	3.9 KB ID:	169114

              Exhibit B: Assuming you win 1 game in both Strategy.

              Community Strategy still better with rewards
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                Click image for larger version

Name:	unknown.png
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Size:	3.9 KB
ID:	169116

                Exhibit C: Win 2 matches, and still community Strategy leads.
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                  There are always pros and cons in almost every content especially those who want to get everything fastest.
                  I kinda disagree about this community rule to push in one side auto surrender.
                  This is new content combined from both PvPvE has Feat missions by winning the battle.
                  So, this is not just to grind the material for Plate.
                  How about if some people luck are bad, they mostly got in the Red team (as community rule that u made for auto lose/ surrender) and they can't do the Feats mission properly?

                  At least people try 50:50 to be the winner in the match through all the situations in the match
                  Better enjoy this new content for both who just want the plate by setting this community rule or those who want to do the Feat missions


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                    And yeah, this forum is dead like someone said above.
                    Only some people access this Community Forum
                    Those who voted "Yes" mostly are ur FRIENDS in ur side.
                    And you call them "MONKEY" to those who don't agree with this your plan????? Such a wise man
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                      1. This is NOT new content as many said, this is recycled Rumble Mode.
                      2. This content is not permanent, as per seen in other servers, which lasted only 2 months. Therefore, PVE players has very limited time to farm that absurd amount of materials to get to +10 it, let alone reroll into a good additional stat. No sign of coming back can be seen yet.
                      3. If someone has little PVP skill, then what is difference in RNG for them to just red-surrender, and play it normally and hope that someone in your team can carry you? There are also possibilities that you get bad teammates all the times and you still cannot clear the feat mission.
                      4. Those PVP elitist that says we must enjoy the content and not just farm the materials, did you know that you can open a room for this mode in anytime of the day? Open a room, get high quality PVP interested players, enjoy the game.
                      "Internet is full of trolls and idiots."
                      - Albert Einstein

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                        Why does everyone else assumed that only PVP players are the only one complaining about this strategy?
                        There are also PVE players like me who also disagree with it.

                        1. That 50/50 strategy feels like when Thano's snap his finger. That 50% who remains will get the step 10 heraldry while the sacrificed 50% at most will only get step 7.
                        Who would want to be sacrificed?

                        2. As I see it, the uneven reward is the root problem. Winner gets 1 cert (blue) and 1 cert (green) while the Loser only gets 1 cert (green).
                        If I'm gonna compare this, this feels like working on the same company in a same job position but you get 50% less salary while the others get full payment.
                        Who would want that?

                        - Call it stubbornness but people will not tolerate unfairness. Which is why this 50/50 strategy is a mistake from the first place.

                        3. This strategy only explains the good side and didn't explain the bad side. People get bashed because of it and now SpeedColie is mostly taking the blame for spreading this 50/50 strategy.

                        For #2, the best solution I can come up with is the rewards would be contribution-based. You will get rewards based on your contribution in the fierce battle match.
                        For example, you will get additional cert (blue) if you get 1k, 5k, 10k contribution pooints regardless if you win or lose.

                        In this way, people will enjoy hunting mobs or other players for more contribution points (even the loser team will get more rewards).

                        All in all, this is how I see the situation but too bad ED cancelled the event.


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                          1. Maybe the word "left out" is better than the word "sacrificed" if you didn't catch what I meant.
                          2. Did you read carefully what I said? Win = 1 blue + 1 green, Lose = 1 green only
                          That's not uneven to you? or should I say the word "unequal" ?
                          3. The fact that ED cancelled the event proves that there's a bad side on the strategy and I don't know what to say if didn't see that.


                          1. Do you believe that once a player get the step 10 they will still participate in Fierce Battle?
                          Of course not. Half of the participants will not participate once they got the step 10 and the process will go on until a portion of players will be left out and won't finish the event.
                          2. I think the only problem you have is because it is a 20mins battle. If ED reduced that to 10mins then I'm sure you will change your mind.
                          Which is why I stand by to my suggestion that rewards should be contribution-based regardless of the result.

                          You people provide a logical calculated strategy but you forgot that people will not decide based on logic alone.
                          As long as people see unfairness, some people will not agree to it.

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                          1. The number to run to get a step 10 plate is around 328, in which the number is kinda huge enough to not cause big discrepancies due to RNG (aka 50% win rate), therefore the only problem is the dedication and time spent on farming by individual players, which again, is the same issue even if this strategy does not exists.
                          2. Individual run reward, yes it is different. Dont forget that everyone shares the same winrate 50%. At the end of the day, everyone getting 50% of the winning reward and 50% of the losing reward.
                          3. Event is something that is additional to the gamemode that ED added, which is not considered to be the gamemode itself.

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                          This "rumble" mode will last a month, if you are willing to run 4 hours a day to farm with the chance of ending losing team much, it's up to you.

                          The reason why we have been posting here the community strategy is for everyone to get the plate faster, which is the only reason most people do Rumble Mode.
                          It was fun at day one, but doing this every single day for 1 or 2 months, what would you feel, i'll leave that to you.

                          I respect your opinion towards not supporting the community strategy, but like you said in your statement, this is the logical approach for the event.
                          The reason it is posted across channels is to have consensus of the benefits one will have by this strategy.

                          At this point and as i mentioned, your suggestion is fine, but unless it gets implemented, we are stuck with this tedious rumble mode for 15- 20 mins for 1 rare and 1 Magic cert considering you win everytime for 4 hours everyday. This is why we are pushing this strategy.

                          Additionally, you keep pushing your statement about the rewards. I already pointed out that it is still better than 1 full normal round, you get 3 times the reward in the same timespan.

                          "Winner gets 1 cert (blue) and 1 cert (green) while the Loser only gets 1 cert (green)."

                          How does regular runs benefit the losing side? 15-20mins run for 1 magic cert?

                          With this strategy, every one gets more than a regular run.

                          3 times win = 3 blue,3 green in 15mins
                          3 times lose = 3 green in 15mins which is far better than 1 green in 15 mins.

                          I sure hope everyone has a lot of time to play like you and i hope your willpower to do this normally everyday for 4 hours remain til the end.
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                        My suggestion is, How about the PVE players who just want to get fast plates without grinding (like me), no matter what side are we in, we surrender at 5 mins mark, since we just want to clear it fast.
                        Let's prove it to them that by losing everytime at 5 mins mark we could still get it faster than playing it normally.
                        From what i see, the one who reject the community plan are:
                        - They don't want to lose everytime. (the argument "i always end up at red team")
                        - PVP players who wants to have fun by defeating other players. (they don't farm points, just killing other ppl)
                        - Didn't know the calculation yet/ newbie. ("I just want to try this battlefield then suddenly red team surrender. what is this??")

                        We could also play 5 mins normally, and the losing team surrenders. Anyway, i support any plan as long as we could get the plates as soon as possible.

                        Inb4 arguments like : "OI m8, ED created these content to be enjoyable, not to be cheesed like surrender and stuff"
                        then my comments are : "err dude, ppl also cheese at ladder by afk-ing to get points weekly, why no one complaint about that?"


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                          That's because this cheese covers everyone, but caters only a certain group of people (positively), while the others aren't enjoying their stuff, unlike the ladder cheese.