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  • some random thoughts

    I’ve been wondering about these bans from paypal chargeback, so what if a random I guess someone that probably hates u sends something through gift then the person ofc chargeback his cc purchases? Then how would u defend urself if say ur a victim from this event to recover ur account. I don’t know whether if this a thing that maybe im missing out or something.

    Also do u get back the money from chargeback.

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    ​​​​​as i remember one of the case of abuser iGN "viar****"
    before he got caught, he sold alot of cashop item with ratio 1:6 (even though current market price is 1:9). still none of the buyer got banned. idk how ED investigate this 3rd person "gain benefits from abuse" thingy. maybe either by unreasonable amount of transaction or by mutual consent (eg. victim got suspicious mail with 32m gold in it then he receive it & and use it as it is his own gold without questioning).
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      ooo didnt rmmbr that he sold through gifting, not sure if he sold cash stuffs through TH that others wont be affected. Someone i know awhile ago got banned cos his friend gifted something which he also chargeback his cc purchases. Thats how kinda(?) know the gain benefits stuff.