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Petition to Stop Nerfing Warriors in PvP

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  • Petition to Stop Nerfing Warriors in PvP

    As stated above this is a petition to stop nerfing warriors. It's bad enough that the mercs Barb and Dest are garbage in pvp (high risk low reward classes) where almost every other class can break their skills and can't tank through anything although being "tanky" classes. Now DA and Glad are bad too after nerfs, only thing warriors got going is ML so drop an ign as a signature and hopefully someone important sees this and passes it along to the devs (I doubt it, really just to satisy my vanity).
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    agree, nerf ML
    cyclone pulling aoe + 6s tornado is way tooo OP
    many ML in ladder relying too much on this skill
    if hit they will KOS u
    if missed they will just hit+run for CD 24s
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